Thursday 10 April 2014

No lie-ins here

Monday 7th April

So a drizzly day began, I tried to hint and stay in bed, however this was not frightfully well received by the insomniac who after bringing Amanda and me tea, made a vat of porridge and insisted the drizzle was lifting.  Amanda cast off and sat with him keeping him company then joined me at intervals doing a jigsaw of very colourful houses from Provence which certainly improved my sunny outlook.

We finished the puzzle and carried on motoring for several hours.  We landed at a nice quiet spot where in the past we have spied a field full of hares and buzzards overhead, a nice mix.
David cleared off on his bike to fetch a paper then returned to sit, with a cup of tea and read it,  Amanda and I waltzed off to walk to Winwick village, my favourite house remains Bridge Cottage in the centre. We walked to the front of Winwick Hall which appears located at the back of it and it seems that the wavy walls are in fact Crinkle-Crankle and were not designed by a WAG, but are authentic copies of a very popular style of Victorian wall building designed to stand up to strong winds, rebuilt in the year 2000.

If anyone is nearby there are boxes of books in the church porch for people to make a donation for, (Left over from their fate which raised over £8,000, not bad for a village of just 70 people.)   I think we were pretty lucky to see the famous white squirrel, it looked so pretty, however I have grey squirrels nesting in my loft at home and would happily see those ones dead!!  Apologies to any squirrel lovers there, just saying.

Back to the boat just before a downpour, to make Skinny Day fish curry with basmati rice.

Private Victorian postbox.

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  1. Or squirrel curry..tell the Saltdean contingent you have a recipe for them.
    X Lesley