Wednesday 11 May 2016

"Washers" Reunited

So here we are, first to arrive at the Party Place.  A long awaited weekend of fun and eating.  
The sun was shining and while we waited for the others to join us, we washed and polished the boat.  Then Joe from NB Yarwood walked down with a windlass, I thanked him and he did Great Heywood lock for us, we were hurrying as there was a space behind where Yarwood had landed.

Unusual action shot for Joe.  I love him.

He was another of the party, John from NB Ploddin' Along

This was great fun, all friends watching, David wanted to turn around and reverse up onto through the bridge and moor up behind Yarwood, when just at the same time a boat came through the same bridge and looked confused at us, then another behind him, then one appeared out of the junction from the Staffs to Worcester canal and wanted to go northwards so he joined the queue then and finally another boat appeared wanting to south and joined in the bun fight.

Oh how we laughed!

WaL finally in required position

Joe prepping for the evenings supper.

Lesley pleased to see us and mid hug.

We shopped over the canal at the rather lovely Canalside Shop and café and then the Lewis's arrived and joined in too.
John and Louise considered coming across  The Wash    HERE    last year but due to the uncertain timings of the trip they couldn't commit, what with having jobs and all.  

Lesley, Amanda and David, we sat out till about 10pm

John  from NB Ploddin' Along and my David

Lovely Louise from NB Ploddin' Along, someone fill her glass up.

Such a great day and evening with these friends, these very good friends we have made whilst boating plus the lovely meat from the shop here and fab food that Lesley knocks up out of nowhere.  

Phew I won't be needing breakfast.