Thursday 19 May 2016

Sunshine on my shoulder....

This is our exact spot.

We are moored here.  We haven't moved today, due to the lovely weather.  David skipped off to move the car which was a bit further than the average distance, on his return he wanted to sit in the sun, so who am I to argue?
He was gone a little while and I wrote this blog in the meantime.

I love that these features are still in place on this canal.  
For any non Boaty Readers, these metal corner brackets 
(I don't know the correct name, if there is one) protected the stone of the bridges from the ropes of the horses pulling the narrowboats in times past, you can still see the groves the ropes made. 

Later in the afternoon, we went for a stroll in the warm evening light, right opposite the boat had a crop growing there so we went to have a bit of a look amongst other things.

In the morning lots of boats had gone, more arrived all afternoon, so here is on a lot of people's maps.

This was what he could see and puzzled him form afar.

Slipped back into farming mode for a jif.

Loads of trousers ripped on barbed wire through the years.

Further up the hill we saw this.  It might be a natural pond but we have several very similar at home caused by the odd bomb dropped in the 2ndWW, planes on their way home dumped any left over bombs.  Who knows.

View form the top, Oddly WaL seems to stand out although one of eight boats there.

Oh yes, this gent walked past

This hopped past

Lovely spot eh?

Supper was cod in a tomato and chilli sauce with rice and broccoli.


  1. So what was growing in the field? xx

    1. Sorry, I forgot to say. Although they look just like Broad Beans I think he said they were grown for cattle feed.