Sunday 15 May 2016

Goodbyes and data usage issues

You must excuse me Reader, but I am all behind like a dogs tail with the blog.  The main reason is that we used up all of our data allowance, not only on the dongle, but also my phone and David's phone was almost there too,   so I am writing this from memory using the photos as an aide memoir..

The Ploddin' Along crew and that of Clarence had to depart today.  We wondered along to push them off in the nicest possible way and then for ourselves, we set sail too, mainly to satisfy the "Boat Sharers"  Amanda and David before they too departed later on.  We decide to start on our way early, or let David Lewis drive and went through Tixal Wide and beyond.  I can just about keep up to sped with bikes, cars and husband moving all three on one day but on days like these when its two men, two cars, a bike and a boat, I get awfully confused awfully quickly.

Tixal Wide, so named because its a very wide section of canal.

Tixal Lock with David Lewis playing with ropes, Amanda out of sight operating and my David vanished.

A wee aqueduct and the view overlooking the Shrugborough grounds, its all most attractive around here.

You don't see many duets on the nest.

These two coots were having a right session, at each others throats, Mr Lewis said they both were wanting the same female.

Mr Lewis

Me next to the two pixie seats that are soon about to find themselves reattached

Now I remember where he disappeared to....he made the tea.

Lovely newly treated pixie seats in place, Thank You Mr L.

We moored up here for the night just past Stafford Boat Club  David Lewis was admiring this ploughed field opposite that was all prepared for potatoes,  I was less enthusiastic.

We walked bake to the previously deposited car, loaded, headed back to "Base Camp" where we were going to have another Barbie Queue with Yarwood's Joe and Lesley before we all departed for pastures new.

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