Thursday 5 May 2016

An idiot afloat, this time it's not us.

The last couple of days have been a little routine, no crisis, no incidents, ummmm mostly.

View from my kitchen window last night at Athersone bottom lock.

We left Atherstone pretty early, I was "Permitted" to rest my aching hip in bed, always good to have a reason.  
It was freezing cold but sunny today.

We went through Tamworth without queueing for the locks, serviced the boat at the CART offices and proceeded to Hopwas.  Moored up nicely before the pubs.  David put the Tonneau cover on then it rained and later the sun came out.  He then took it off as he went to polish that side of the boat, later it hammered down again, no cover on but Hey Ho!

The next morning we left before eight.

North of Hopwas, New shoots coming along nicely

Bluebells peeping through

No other boats

Beautiful undisturbed woodland....

Beautiful views over the valley below

Poly tunnels here

Probable potato beds, you can see on the left that they stopped because it was too wet.

Loadsa of 'um

I simply love this fencing and I would like it around my garden

Still more.  But I do love having fresh raspberries for breakfast every day.

This big sprawling farm was just before Whittington is it?  Before Streethay Wharf?  I think so.  Moments after this photo, we passed by a moored boat, a smart one from Glascote Basin, gleaming it was, the younger of the two men politely asked David to drop the revs, which he did and acknowledged that he had done so a bit late.  No harm done and later they pulled out to follow at a distance.

We pootled along and were startled to see a very good price for diseasel at Streethay, so after a moments hesitation we pulled over, hampered by the wind so by the time we were in position to pull alongside I spotted the Glascote boat FAST approaching behind us.  So Reader imagine this, the wharf side, another boat moored up alongside it, us flapping in the wind a bit but reversing to make a new clean approach, Jensen Button tearing up the canal, without space to pass by..... I warn David, he jumps up and did some of his arm flapping and pretty quick was yelling to Bloody Stop you idiot!!  

It was the elder of the two men driving, maybe his dad, the younger of the two men was on the towpath walking a dog also yelling to driver to stop, well eventually he whacked it into reverse and only the buttons made contact.  But frankly we were at a complete loss as to he state of mind to come haring up to an obviously stationary boat!
No photos as I was already holding the dangles and the middle rope.
Men! I ask you.

We moored up short of Fradley Junction at bridge 90.  David went off to get the car and on his return we went hotfoot into Litchfield, where we got a Dongle issue sorted out had a nice rest in Costa and I had my nails done while David played Supermarket Sweep.

We were going to return to the boat via The Swan at Fradley Junction, the first time we had been in two years and since it has changed hands.  We had a couple of drinks but no food was being served tonight.

This was there though.

Back to the boat for sausage sandwiches and salad.

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