Tuesday 3 May 2016

Go Stop, Go Stop!

We were on the water point to top up at 8am today, I nipped off to drop the rubbish and David got a bit carried away with the hose pipe and new brush.  The boat ended up being washed down and the green being treated on the cratch canopy.  
Oh yes and we filled the tanks.  
Not too naughty as there are four water points here and only us up and about this morning.  We intended to do the actual polishing later on arrival.

Just leaving the water point.  NO strong winds today.

Into the little wee lock of about six inches, that was a "Stop Lock" between canal companies.

In the back ground is the old engine house that held the steam pump.

You can follow this link to read all about it HERE  Geoff has found out all about it.

David in front of my favourite place doing his U Turn  to go north. 

He paused here to pick me up.

 We pootled along, just a few boats moored up, nothing like we have seen in the past when its been rammed, then totally unexpectedly....  there is a familiar face waving at a window at us and the penny dropped, it was Jaq from NB Valerie ANOTHER blogger HERE  we stopped, moored up and invited them in for a coffee.  

Jac and Les from NB Valerie

Time ever so well spent as both of them helped us iron out some wrinkles in our hazy boating plans for the summer.  So good to pick brains, I much prefer that to a guide book.  Brilliant to see Les looking so well and chirpy.  
Hope you both enjoy your summer.

On through boring Bedworth and Nuneaton.  Lots of general talk of sofas and other detritus in the canal through here but all we saw was a shed roof.
Then three blasts on the horn our signal for "Urgent Attention" so I left the laundry draping and went to see this sky, same old same old....

Black as your hat and coming our way

Yep Bingo

Decks cleared urgently of cameras, phones, hats and my boots then heavens opened.  The rain didn't stop and David had enough after  about thirty minutes so we moored up in a hurry, he was cold right through.
Ten minutes later the sun was out, how annoying is that?  We watched and waited and just on the verge of going out to polish the  tow path side, when it hailed again.  I watched a woodpecker in these  woods and felt annoyed as to the amount of rubbish scattered throughout in there.  Had there have been a bridge I would have picked it up "Á la Maffi" but no access.
Decision made.  Tools downed, heating on.

The sun was out briefly so was a woodpecker.

Supper was mushroom and stilton risotto with broccoli.

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