Wednesday 4 May 2016

Atherstone: My old man said follow the boat......

The countryside up to Atherstone is pretty, I like gentle undulating landscape, it reminds me of the Downs at home.

Atherstone came into view as did a boat that had just exited the top lock.  Don't you just love it when that happens?  I do.
Even better as the gate was opened again by a nice little man who was volunteering here today.  He nipped over the gates and did the front paddle for me too.  As we chatted two more lovely volunteers came out of the hut and walked off towards the second lock.  The second lock was done in the same fashion and the lady who had already arrived at the third lock and prepped it for me said for me to go along to the next lock as she would do this one completely!  How great?  These three were profusely thanked.

Moving along I wanted to pop along to Co-Op which is next to the railway station (We needed bread and milk!!), so off I went leaving David to be a single hander.
I cut along sharply and on my return I looked up to above the lock landing where I had left him, not there, so I walked along and along and along past two or three locks, no sightings and yes you've guessed it, I had left my phone on charge on the boat......  

So I kept walking thinking that he would be so pleased with himself having made this progress....  I eventually walked to the end of the locks, about two miles.  There with very aching arms, 
I hid the 8 pints of milk and two loaves in the hedge and walked back.  

I was just so perplexed as to where he was.  I mean to say we are big and red, unlikely to be overlooked.   I asked a man if he could lend me his phone, the call went to answer phone but he was astonished that my husband should have moved the boat while I was at the shops....

I caught up another boat and borrowed another phone and this time left him a voicemail which thank goodness he picked up as where he was there wasn't any phone reception.

Well Reader he was more worried about me than I was about him, he feared I had been knocked down so all in all what a bloody performance.   The only thing we can think of is that I walked past him when he was down in a lock unseen, not at all annoying....
David says I had walked about four miles on an already sore hip which is now on the lesser side of very painful.  I am trying to rest it, but it's not terribly easy on a boat.
Thank goodness the shopping hadn't been stolen as I would have cried big bitter tears if it had.

Before Atherstone this rubbish dumped can't imagine by anyone else but a boater.

My sister used to drive one of these, let's hope this one is going to be restored.

Lady volunteer did this lock for me, raining again, not many photos today.

This lock is where I found him again, phew.

This farm has it's own wind turbine, I suggested one for us at home.

I think this is the last lock, lovely open views around.

Finished the locks and moored up on rings and I sat down, for quite a long while.  
Shopping had been retrieved from the hedge all intact. 

Hot tea, cheeses out with homemade chutney and the apple and beetroot loaf I had brought. We ate the entire loaf!  A glass of white helped too.

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