Sunday, 15 May 2016

The sticks to Penkridge

So we are on the Staffs to Worcester canal now heading in a general westerly direction.  We were down here just under two years ago and I really like it.

On the last trip I was dismayed to see a large load of hardcore together with rubbish that had been dumped here.
I photographed it and sent it as an inquiry to CART, who asked for more information, bridge number and canal name didn't seem enough the first time.  They said they would investigate.   But I didn't hear any more, now I remain dismayed to see along the same stretch another load.  
I have to admit that this load didn't have plastic bags in it, so maybe thats alright then.

Last nights mooring.

Further improvements in the garden have been made to this lovely canal cottage.

David taking the strain.

Feelings of smugness coming on with the M6 in the distance.

Most of this old lock remain but a much more modern ugly bridge but hardly any traffic though.

This marina was rammed last time, but this time they are either all out on the water or moved homes.

Much smugness now

For non boaty Readers, this pathway on the right hand side was for the horses to walk through whilst the narrow boats went into the lock, the crew would go up the steps to operate the lock.  Trust me when I say the bridge so low and the steps so high that I had to go up the steps on all fours to avoid a brain injury.   They'd never be allowed to build it like this today, no one tell Elf and safety or they'll close it down.  

We went onto Penkridge.  A sweet town, nice bakers and a good sized supermarket, all boat services and sunny moorings plus Yarwood was here.  They had overtaken us at dawn, probably tip toeing, but we did all have supper together at The Star pub.  We had previously had a great meal here but so good this time and we all wished that we had gone into the now nicely done up The Boat pub on the canal side which has new management and new menu.  Looked fab and a certainty next passing.

Smart new buttons.

Supper for me Plaice and chips, back to WaL for cheese, coffee, port and chocolate.

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