Monday, 9 May 2016

Fradley Junction

Oh my word what a corker this morning was!  It was WARM, yes Reader, I had to take my long sleeved thermal top off soon after we set off for Fradley Junction.  I just love being warm.

A few boats out early today and most of them were on the water point at Fradley in front of us.  So we hovered and then got on the bridge landing space a bit naughtily I know, but I went to and fro operating the  bridge for passing boats so it was sort of ok, 
sort of.

Rubbish done, water done we set off and around the corner were three boats in front going our way that is left onto the Trent & Mersey canal heading northwards.  I went to help at the  first lock as I always do.  It took time to progress the three boats in front of us as we had to wait for two others coming down and there was a delay.
Out of the four boats, only two boats had their crews helping. I struggle with this as a concept, even if there are volunteers on duty, I personally do not see it as their role to "Do" the locks for you, I think they are jolly 'Good Eggs' helping out. 

David and WaL right at the back of the queue.

Finally our turn.  David gets mightily bored waiting at locks like this morning, he says its ok for me as I get to chat and meet people, he is all alone and crying.
On the lock side was a pair of these little Grey Wagtails. So very pretty and my favourite colours too.

Shade House still for sale, this house is going to need an boat and train spotting owner due to H2 coming close.

Leaves appearing all this time.

Wood End Lock and cottage

So I went ahead here to help the boat in front of us who was a single hander and a very elderly gentleman too, very polite and appreciative of my help.  Fine.  But I had noticed the boat behind us had come onto the lock landing, the helm was in position and the crew was stood there holding the centre line around the bollard and just holding it and looking up at us.  
There he remained until I had turned the lock and David had come in, then the crew, a man, came up and wanted to know what the delay was!  I found this such an infuriating remark that he should have stood back and then complained.  I said nothing, but I know smaller women than me would have put him straight.
I was pleased that another boat came into view to use the lock after us so delaying him even longer.

We moored up, in the sunshine south of Armitage.  We had spent longer doing the water, rubbish and waiting for the locks than cruising but thats boating for you.

Books out, chairs out and relax Lisa.

As a friend said, snow burn last week and sunburn this week.

Supper was courgette, mushroom and chorizo pasta


  1. Good morning from NZ, Lisa and David,
    I know what your David means about being bored waiting at the locks while alone on the boat - I find the same thing, and as the generally-thought-to-be more sociable extrovert one of our pair, it seems anomalous that my David is getting to converse and I am lonely - and in situations like Fradley where I cannot moor, temporarily tie up and go and join in, I cannot even get my Kindle out and read as I have to stay hovering, which as your David will tell you, takes concentration.
    More sympathy required from you, I think, Lisa ... ;-)
    By the way, I think we need to prepare and practise a few choice polite but scathing responses to the idiots who sit on their thumbs and then come along and ask about the delay. I am reading Georgette Heyer again (for the 20th time ...) and she seems to specialise in the civil snub and the freezing out that appear to be the speciality of the upper classes. When I get them ready, I will send you some snubs I prepared earlier.
    My dinner last night was Waldorf salad with the addition of red capsicum, cucumber and feta - no chardonnay, as it was a fasting day.
    Pat the canal for me and the towpath - I am missing them while working hard in Hokitika - we were meant to be flying to the UK on Thursday next week. Oh dear, never mind, the nest egg is looking a tad better.
    Cheers, M
    PS Not sure if you realise, but I really like your blog - your writing style makes me smile and I am sure that people who know you in person tell you that you write like you speak - true?

  2. Dear Marilyn,
    So nice to hear from you. Have you started The Luminaries yet? Is it sunny still there? Have you been to the Fish and Chip place on the quayside? (If not you'll only need one portion of chips).
    I am sorry if you think me unsympathetic towards the love of my life and my admiration for all people who drive these boats, as I certainly can't. It was a lovely day there, I can't imagine what it would have been like if it had of been more blowy, it would have been bumper boats for sure. David would love me to drive the boat and I must work on my confidence and try.
    Yes please to some good put downs, from Ms Heyer or any other source, but I am glad to say that I have found irritating men/women are few and far between on the waterways.
    The canals have been here ages and will be here for you whenever you return, will you cruise in the winter? We had promised ourselves winter mini trips as time permitted but its not happened until the last few weeks. Its got a lot to recommend it as not a lot of boats about... but the stove will need to be on.
    Breakfast this morning is a lemon muffin and lemon tea.
    Nest Eggs are a good thing,

  3. I think, as someone who has known Lisa for about (whisper this) forty years, I can say that she is as funny and charming and all round good egg as her blog suggests.