Thursday 4 August 2022

It took us a while but we made it back.

 So we are back, finally.
We went home so that I could catch up with my school friends Fiona and Sarah, (Sarah and I have been knocking around together since we were two years old and Fiona and I much much more recent, since we were seven).  David had a couple of golfy days, on one day when he had my car he locked the keys in the boot and needed rescuing.  

Most people and car salesmen will tell you this is impossible in a modern car but my husband is extra clever and managed it.  Not at all annoying when I am due out to lunch.

We also had a week at Centre Parcs in Suffolk with one daughter's family, this was very much enjoyed by all.  Well apart from when the local squirrels were literally knocking on the French windows to come in, I do love wildlife but...

Then I was pretty ill with a bug I think we all caught except David from Centre Parcs which wasn't Covid but I was much worse than when I had had Covid.  
Then finally my mother did catch Covid, we could hardly believe it as she hardly goes out however after her four jabs she was only rough for one day and appalled that she had to stay home despite feeling "Fine now" until she went negative again.  So we delayed leaving for a few more days to let her out on parole so to speak.

So all behind like a dogs tail we arrived at the Marina, the boat was pretty dusty mostly from the pontoons being replaced and associated sawing and drilling.  

This was meant to have been done pre Covid when there was a estimation that some wood in situ could still be good enough.  However several years later now that wood also needs replacing and the price of more wood has increased dramatically.
We are going to hear a lot of these sorts of tales whilst the World recovers itself again.

This chap did some leaping from pontoon to cross planks, balancing as you can see, it must be his athletic prowess that kept him dry.

New pontoon and rotten old wood.

So this is "Our" pontoon with a cross plank resting on top.  I am hoping this new surface won't be as glass like in the wet as the old stuff was.

David offered to take me to the gorgeous pub up the road that night but as we were in my car this trip so obviously I have done all the driving, I couldn't have the "Little man" driving my car now could I?   So we stayed in amongst the bedding, clothes and way too many shoes all around us and ate veggie snacks coleslaw and tomatoes for supper.

The next morning was bright and sunny.  We set off after David had planted the car at Whittington near Lichfield already.  

As is often the case in high summer we queued at Great Haywood Lock with boats coming in both directions, then again at Colwich Lock.  I always remember Sarah a blogger from NB Chertsey  HERE  saying on her blog after queueing at I think it was Colwich lock too that it is really annoying that the next boat waits until the exiting boat is safely in the next county before moving off the lock landing.  It was a bit like that, but then we were away and on our way through the trawl that is Rugeley, Armitage and Handsacre and moored in the attractive countryside past the new house builds, now on phase two and before the very extensive HS2 works.
Ho hum

Supper was cold chicken salad that we had brought up with us.




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