Tuesday 23 August 2022

Chauffeur driven for an outing

 It's a curious thing having a water tank on a boat after coming from a house and not having an endless supply, makes you appreciate water more. 
I know our tank is on the small size David is asleep or I'd tell you how small it is, some boaters are vast ones and they can last a fortnight, ours is much smaller for when we had WaL built we knew nothing going into the process blind and stupid, however we were and are thrilled with WaL but we do have a smaller water tank.  
I am mildly irritated that CART appear to take out the odd water point and not put any new ones in, or not have a long enough space for full sized boats to fit onto when filling up.   Anyway we had last filled up last in Hopwood several days ago, we'd had guests onboard for one night, one load of washing and I'd washed my hair....

Oh my gawd Lisa we've hardly any water and there's no more until Worcester...

Now Reader I have mentioned in the past we carry and large water container, I think its 5 litres so not enormous, but will suffice for washing up and filling the kettle.  We especially use it on the Thames, where there are water points where they don't permit boat hose pipes to be used and other water points where the hoses are like fire engine hoses that fill your boat in 20 seconds.

David went cap in hand, kettle and water container in the other hand to the wee marina behind us to ask please sir could we have some water please please?

The very very nice people at Trinity Boats said yes of course come on in.  So David reversed back, it was a tight squeeze through a bridge hole as there was a work boat opposite them that was repairing the collapsed bank and tow path.  David got in without hitting it and had a pump out, then unable to turn around (Our water cap is in the bow 70' away) they managed to get a hose to our bow over three other boats from a liveaboard's mooring.

Fairly new ownership after the previous people gave up.
Trinity hire boats have new pretty pale blue livery and the fleet are being renewed.  So much so they are going all electric for hire boats.  I did ask if the general public could be trusted with this sort of equipment but they are fearless and jolly good luck to their business.
Lovely lovely people. 

Our mooring.


We went on a short distance to this mooring that David had spotted five years ago and remembered.  Quick showers, get changed and onto the bridge behind us to be picked up.

Our son-in-laws dad was picking us up for a trip out to visit The Malvern Hills.  I'd never been but David has once.

Well how bloody fantastic.  It was the start roughly of the incredibly hot weather and my golly how hot it was, no shade up there but the views around we interesting.  You look west and it is quite wooded, looking east and far more cultivated.
Nick had studied geology I think it was in the past and explained that should a fire break out on these parched and brown hills they would burn and burn I think due to the type of soil (maybe peaty) that would smoulder under the surface and reignite.  Something like that anyway.  I think it was a day of so later that a wild fire got out of control close to London destroying several houses.  Truly shocking and the what we have to face in the future.

Looking north.  The hills are actually a series of hills for some miles

Nick is very camera shy, David and Nicks partner Lynda plus Stanley.  This was looking north east-ish.

We had a lovely day if a hot one and thoroughly enjoyed learning about this area thank you both very much.

We were delivered back to the boat and tried to cool it down hahahahahaha but opened all windows, blocked the sun with bungs and eventually slept with the back doors wide open next to our bedroom.  

I got cold at 4am

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