Monday 14 June 2021

Mind the gap please.

The next day we went a wee bit further on as we did have a bit of time to kill.   The weather looked good and we wound our way around the bendy bends meeting a couple of boats on the sharpest bends but that's all part of the fun I'm told.

I knew exactly where I wanted to moor,  out in the countryside with a nice gap in the hedge.  When you have a place in mind you become convinced that a whole row of boats will be on there.....
today I was in luck, one boat well away from "my gap" and we hopped on quickly.
Another reason to be away from the other boat was that David had declared that he was going to rub down the pole.  It's in a terrible state with the old varnish peeling off in great large chunks, I suggested buying a new pole but he was adamant he was going to do it.

The noisy rubbing down was done and just look at this boy in action, slapping on the varnish improvising with the hedge for a Black and Decker Workmate.  He hasn't one at home either.

Pretty nice sunset too.

The next morning David polished the bow early in the morning before it got too warm.  Nice idea but it had a tricky effect of making me slip and slide getting on and off the front.

I got two or three coats of varnish on the cratch frame and the rest will have to wait until we return from home.

The lovely viewpoint.  I did my part to maintain the gap by lopping off one or two (dozen) growing branches at each end, no don't thank me, you're welcome.

My part is done and drying for now.

Nice sunsets around here but for this I did go and stand on the back deck.
Tomorrow  and early we are due to be at Fenny Compton Marina to have WaL blacked.  

We'll be gone a week or so.  Let's hope this warm weather continues.

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