Friday 25 June 2021

Fine company arrive.... finally.

 So before we start I just want to say that I don't ever want to be called a Super Soft Southerner again as I have in the past, yesterday we were up at dawn and boated in the monsoon only to have our Hardy Stoic Northern chums in their big coats stay in bed, it seems I am somewhat hardy too.

But we were delighted when they came around the bend, moored up and I invited them in for coffees.  They decided to shower first as Louise had walked the little dogs along the "Re-Wilded"** towpath and was saturated from the knees down.

They came for coffee and before you knew it four hours had past, it was time for quick suppers and then best foot forward for card playing.

This below is one of my favourite tipples, I usually like them on the terrace, in the Italian sun overlooking Lake Garda, but needs must and I made do here in the rainy wilds of Oxfordshire.  You'll immediately see the error which Louise kindly overlooked it, no slices of orange.

Aperol Spritz (minus the orange)

These went down nicely, in fact Louise I'll restock just in case we meet you again, I hate to be unprepared.

The other game David and I played in the morning was putting on the new ropes.  Four black ropes in a sack with only one label defeated David and we did get them on in the correct places at the second attempt.

Question;  Do new ropes stretch?  The boat moves out on them but the knots haven't slipped. 

I am very pleased with them as they look all clean and new but they are heavier too..

For the first time ever we can have long swirly rope rolls, David spent time doing this one and obviously I pulled it out of coils immediately... 

I am secondly pleased to report that John, (Who had thrashed David and myself last time at Hearts, the game we taught him, but was beaten soundly this occasion.  He can't blame the Aperol Spritz either as he stuck to the beer.  
There'll be a rematch I hope.

Stoically hardy types leaving very early the next morning to beat the boat traffic. 

**  We need to talk about South Oxford Canal towpaths and their re-wilding policy called not cutting the grass.


  1. We love the South Oxford so much so that we have not returned to Brinklow marina ,and have now taken a mooring in cropredy marina , loving our new mooring ,it was lovely to catch up with you both , should really change my profile name . NB Quadrophenia

  2. Hi Sharon and Richard,
    I too love the South Oxford, but the current state of play is a bit like marmite (Or Veggiemite), we've met people who completely disagree and would like the moorings kept trimmed. I can't help wondering if it's a policy from CART here.
    Glad you like Cropedy Marina, it's surely a weeny bit nearer home?
    See you along the way no doubt!

  3. This arrived from John....

    I would just like to point out ‘reader’ that we are from the wonderful Midlands and not from ‘up naaarth’ although anything is naaarth if you’re from the South Coast. A fabulous catch up as always and a re-match to look forward to. Safe travels xx

    1. Derbyshire is so far norffff it's almost off my map. I'm in training for the rematch at Hearts!