Friday 25 June 2021

It's raining, it's pouring.

Rain was forecast this morning, we knew it was coming and dressed accordingly.  David chose full wet weather kit and rain  hat, I chose shorts and plastic wee boat shoes, beach shoes really.  We pushed off from Kings Sutton just before 6am as we were off to meet Boating Pals John and Louise from NB Ploddin' Along.  

While we went home for ten days they had also been home, visited Devon for a week with family, fetched their boat again from further up the Leicester Arm and been down the South Oxford Canal and had turned around to return home again.  They are a speedy pair.

But we had hoped to meet them several hours down the line.  Seconds after arriving at Kings Sutton lock it was drizzling, a minute later it was raining.  

There's been some improvements here and rebuilding at Kings Sutton cottage and barns.  I was disappointed that they have built a great long wall, extra high so I can't see over and enjoy the view or their flowers...

Three years ago I took some photos of this place  HERE  scroll down a bit but also read about the lovely Charlie we met that day

I hope this aging and wobbly wall remains, nice and not perfect.

This wall would keep the Mexicans out of Texas.  Planting might help.

Forget the wall that tree would quickly feel my axe

So ten minutes in and at 06:10 it was pouring and I had regrets on my wardrobe choice.  No more photos as the camera went inside and even though we had the tonneau  only rolled back so to the greater part we were sheltered, a bit.
The next 2-3 hours went past in a bit of a blur but I don't think we met any boats, but we did stop for water at Aynho, then David set off for the lovely meadows south of Aynho with view all over the Cherwell Valley.

I peeled off my wet clothing, leaving only my bra dry, all hung in the bathroom.  Hot showers then I looked at my phone.
NB Ploddin' Along had woken, seen the forecast and gone back to bed, who could blame them?
We'll see you tomorrow instead.

The rainy afternoon was spent napping, reading well finishing books and a bit of blogging too.  It rained for eleven hours in total. 

Supper was a good one, M&S crayfish, mango and chilli salad, shared with feta mint and couscous salad.

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