Friday 11 June 2021

Disturbing the peace.

We had decided fairly quickly on landing here that we would stop a couple of days.  I mean who would want to move when you are in full sun and no boats around you?  
We were staked and its a stony bank, the stern is sticking out but as we tend to say, "It's a great mooring for a river" and are pleased with it.

David had several jobs to do in addition to fetching the car and the first thing we did was to go and buy brunch at The Napton Post Office, this used to be an ordinary post office but now it serves great coffee, fresh croissants, pastries, pies, tarts, cakes and locally made cider from three doors away.

I had an almond croissant David chose a black pudding scotch egg plus a basket of other treats and off we skipped on a boiling hot day to the bottom lock to picnic.  The Post Office is only ten minutes walk from the bottom lock so well worth the stroll if you, like me, love treats.

By the time wed finished it was boiling and we returned to WaL.  I carried on with applying the varnish, I'm aiming for ten coats again.

During the afternoon the tranquility was severely disturbed by an almight roaring and this came into view....

It got closer

I quickly consulted my aircraft identifier and the answer came back quickly from manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain that it was a Gazelle helicopter.
The noisy brute could be heard by us for ages even when it was out of sight.  It came from a farmhouse nearby.  I mean who needs one?  James Bond?

The back is sticking out a bit but a gorgeous mooring.
i have to gather all my kit, then David passes me the opened tin of varnish, I dread the time when we drop it all over the bow.  How do you remove fresh varnish from a hot bow?  Asking for a friend.

Supper was quiche with salad & passion fruit tart with clotted cream all from Napton Post Office.

Later on that almight rumberling roar began and deafened us again, as it returned and I made rude gestures I could see it had camouflage painted on.  Why don't the things have silencers fitted?

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