Friday 4 June 2021

I'm really sorry but....

We'd been home a week and it was a fun packed week too, starting with my mums cataract operation which seems to have gone well although we have to wait a few more weeks for the post opp check up.  We saw the grandchildren for copious hugs, cuddles and kisses then finally during that week somewhere the long lost daughter appeared back form New Zealand where she and her husband Mitchell have been hiding from Covid and having an extremely good time of a pandemic enjoying an Indian summer.  

So you can imagine it was a bit of a wrench to leave the family but boating and better weather calls.

We left London and got onto the Biggest Car Park in Europe otherwise known as the M25.  It was a bad sign as we got onto it and David opened Googlemaps to get an ETA to read that there had been an accident and there was a tailback of 600 hundred miles.  Well it seemed like it, there were not many highlights to this journey but one was that at many points the queues on the other side were much worse.  

It became apparent that it was the sheer weight of traffic causing the problem, people like ourselves wanting to be somewhere else.

Well finally after what seemed like many hours we arrived at the marina to find WaL, still where we'd left her despite the high winds we had tied her up in.  The wind had been much stronger than us that day.

The sun was still shining and we unloaded the car, as we are only on WaL for a week we had travelled light and in two shakes of a lambs tail we were off.

Luckily there was still some heat in the sun and we went all of about 25metres south from the marina entrance and squashed in rudely right up against another boats button.       

Heavenly mooring in the full sun for books, drinks, crisps and relaxing

Then suddenly, the chap behind arrived back at his boat, he had a huge dog too, I summoned my courage and went to apologise to him for crowding him.  What a lovely chap he was too.  All smiles and its absolutely fine said he.  I explained about the awful journey here and that I had just wanted to sit in the sun.  Well he said, if you had of pressed on down to Norton Junction where there is good sunshine, you would not have got in and all along the way to the tunnel is all boats too.

Result, but David didn't really believe him.  

We wanted to get away early the next morning so wouldn't be in his way and he wished us an enjoyable trip.  A lovely chap.

As we chatted another boat arrived and pushed right up to his back button!!!  C'est la vie.

Supper was a simple boiled egg salad with grated cheese on the warm eggs, strawberries and cream.

We had wanted to go to The New Inn down at the junction but fully booked and not sunny there.  


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