Wednesday 10 May 2017

Welford Lock to Bidford

Now before we start I just had to mention these flowers, my favourite roses, I used to grow them, but now I am far too busy....   These when photographed were 14 days old.  I had added another bunch of the same colours the week later but these had all faded and been binned, as I write this blog they are 15 days old, oh yes and they cost £2!!!!!

Today it was freezing.   David thought it was too cold for boating.  We snugged down with copious reading to attend to and waited for the thaw.

Much later I even got dressed and we went out walking. 

This was about 15ft from the boat, we left her well alone and she returned the favour.

We walked up a hill after crossing the lock.  We were moored on an island.  Nice neat farmland around and the noise from this little fellow.  Who amongst you is a "Twitcher"?  Please do tell me if it is as I thought  a Corn Bunting?    HERE 

This was our mooring at Welford Lock last night, just us.  Pretty nice eh?  I got all the washing dry too.

So at about 1:30pm, we set off.  This was after breakfast at 12:30, David called this not Brunch but  "Tench".

The Avon is very lovely, especially lovely as there is hardly a soul here.  A smattering of hire boats and even fewer private boats.  

Bit of a narrow squeek

So after another mamouth cruise of about 2 hours, we arrived at Bidford-on Avon.
Large prestigious house in the approach to the town, stone historic house, so what do you need but ......

One of these space capsules.....  what could be nicer? 

Bidford Bridge, a stunner.

This is Bidford Bridge,  HERE  What a marvellous piece of history,  you can read about it on the link above, but if not I shall tell you that it dates back to the early 15th C, the dratted King Charles 1st's men demolished it in 1644 whilst he was retreating from Worcester to Oxford, but it was rebuilt in 1650.

We moored here for the night.  We both finished our books too.  I was reading  A High Wind Over Jamaica which I loved.   HERE

Supper was a fabulous salad with salt beef which David concocted.   Good man. 

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  1. Looks like one of the capsules from the London Eye!