Sunday 7 May 2017

Blackcurrants and graves.

Today was cloudy and cold.  I talked to a daughter who lives in our home town, she reported that there they were sunburnt and out to lunch.  I told her that people were walking past the boat not actually in skiwear but certainly in knee high leather boots and winter anoraks done up to the neck.

Presently David arrived back with food shopping and almost shivering as he had cycled into a north wind....

While he was out a particular noise had erupted from the bank side;

It was a 5K fun run, look carefully and you will see many runners in the background too, lots of fun was had by all, the 5K and associated noise was over fairly quickly.  David was told by a steward that tomorrow was a Marathon!!!!!!!

Mid morning we had a visit from Sarah & Andy (plus two of their dogs, Archie and Buzz, they have eight rescued greyhounds) from NB Enceladus   HERE   They were on their way home from a boating trip.  

Their dogs are delightful and if you think you can offer one of these gentle and calm dogs a home then look here,  HERE  Sarah says they need a sprint but then they like to chill so she should know.  

Their next trip out is in a few weeks to enter into The BCN Challenge    HERE    with mutual friends of ours helping to crew for them.  The redoubtable Amanda (My friend and wonderful Locking Nut) and Lesley  form NB Yarwood HERE .  Although Lesley hasn't blogged recently, you will see that her last entry was when we all   
"Crossed The Wash"  two summers ago.  Well these extras will make a fine crew and we wish them all the best of luck.

When they had departed, we fetched the bikes out and visited Anne Hathaway's House, that well known wife of William Shakespeare,  I had no idea but its a couple of miles out of town but an easy flat walk and well worth it, just look what she had in the garden!!

Blackcurrants already formed

A garden full of perfect tulips.

White currants 

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Although to be accurate, it was her dad's house, she married at the age of 28, he on the other hand was 18, most unusual then for a boy to be married at such an early age, but he and Anne were very close, so close she was expecting.  
Its a possibility they met in church...... can't imagine they were listening too closely to the vicar.

We popped into Shakespeare's Church, that is where he was christened, married and buried.  Holy Trinity Church.

This carved bust was said to be a good likeness of the Bard.

Final resting place alongside his immediate family

Next a quick drink in the Dirty Duck Pub, it had been the favoured watering hole of many famous Luuvies (British for actors), they may well have come in, in the past, but now its part of a national chain, with a flashing fruit machine and ghastly music playing.....  We weren't impressed.

Back to Wal for a supper of salad with salt beef, peppered beef and smoked salmon, then quick quick off to the theatre to see Anthony and Cleopatra.  Half time came and I said to David that I thought the Italian family next to me were going to leave, "Well I certainly am, its dreadful isn't it?"  I am not sure how he knew as he had slept through the greater part.
We left.  

Not to worry..... 
its being shown at cinemas live  around the country    HERE    so I have another chance.

View from the beautiful theatre bar of WaL


  1. We had a lovely time, only sorry we couldn't stay longer! Got the weekend off to a fab start too - today with your bestie has also been absolutely super. Now I have no excuse for confusing my Davids...

    1. So you have claimed them both have you?

  2. A chilly start to the day yesterday at Debdale, Lisa, but then got very hot and sunny. Our supper was bread, smoked cheese, brie and feijoa chutney (yummo!) accompanied by chardonnay and muscato (me and 'im respectively).
    Now awake but about to go back to bed.

    1. Welcome to the land of the living! I hope you are feeling better than whenever you felt bad. Yes from our experience of one trip to NZ, its a very long way and the thought of flying that far is daunting to say the least.
      I am very envious of your first supper, Good luck and happy sailings,