Friday 5 May 2017

Days of our lives

A bit breezy, but dry and bright today.  I did a washing load whilst David was off touring the county on his bike before breakfast.

Breakfast in the sunny cratch, leisurely coffee.....

Right then at about 11:30am, I'll cast off he said, are you driving today?
Nope I am going to brush my teeth.

I was brushing and a shout went up.  Its really nice out here, do you want to stay?
I poked my head out.  An easy decision to make, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was very very windy but down behind the boat on the wide towpath it was sheltered.

Chairs out, books out.  I was delighted as so far this year apart from three gorgeous weeks in March, its been very cold.  

Later there may have been a glass of.  My book is BRILLIANT  HERE   I can't put it down.

Lunch was egg and tomato rolls. 

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