Tuesday 16 May 2017

Our stay in Pershore

Pershore is an attractive place.  I liked it 21 years ago when we hired a narrow boat and did the Avon Ring with the children.  I remembered that however there is precious little else I remembered about the river.

After mooring up at about lunchtime, David wanted to fetch the car.  Do you want to come? There was rain forecast much later so I said yes. 

I took the precaution of taking my waterproof jacket just in case...
Out of the recreational ground and away on the cycling route, just far enough not to turn back, the heavens opened.  

Now how long do you think it took me to; 

a)  Get wet.
b)  Have sodden jeans.
c)  Totally loose my sense of humour.

Yes you are all correct, no time at all.  I noticed that David kept 50 metres ahead to prevent his head being bittern off.

Well much much later I did agree that it was a very pretty ride, I didn't see all that much of it having pulled my rain hood right up and my glasses getting all wet.....

Car collected and we drove into Evesham to pay a visit to the EE Store about the almost new dongle not working.  Sweet girl got it working almost immediately.  It was flat out of charge. 
Yes yes how we laughed.......
Turns out the new extra long cable I brought isn't working.  Sweet girl even gave us a new cable.

Back to Pershore, we parked in the carpark alongside WaL and hunkered down.

Supper was lamb rogan josh to warm ourselves up.  It worked.

The next morning, it was cloudy but the sun was due to come out later.
I had the home hoover in the back of the car, I don't usually carry it around, but I have enjoyed giving the dust what for at times when the car is close by.  David played trying to get the sweetchestnut blossom off the roof, the rain had brought masses of it down.

The sun came out so we took the car to Pershore Cricket Club, found a great mooring, I mean parking spot overlooking the pitch and settled down to watch a very exciting game Pershore v a Worcester side.  It was close but Pershore just won.  Spent the entire afternoon here.
Getting back late into the evening we saw that another blogger was in town NB Cleddau  HERE
We hadn't met before, I felt it was too late and too chilly to disturb them either.

Hope to meet them later.

Supper was sea bream with french beans.

David took these photos of the beautifully set cricket ground.


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