Monday 29 May 2017

Back on the boat ..... Who is that over there....?

So we had the best journey ever from home up to Stourport, best ever.  It was the Friday before the Bank Holiday Weekend and we were kind of dreading it, or rather dreading the traffic on the M25.
But....  It was a dream, my theory is that working folk take the Friday and maybe the Tueday too thus making a wonderfully long weekend, but not too long at home with the children, my theory.

So we arrived at Stourport we no idea how to find the marina entrance by car, a one way system didn't help anyone's mood, then with me disagreeing internally with the go down there command, we found ourselves at the back of some posh flats, which over look the basin, its a private road and has a walkway unlocked into the basin for Live-aboards.  Result.

Unloaded very quickly and enjoying the warm sunshine, the lovely Pauline who resides here warned that the nine hire boats would all be on their way out all going the same way as us if we didn't watch it.
Bish Bash Bosh, engine on and away.  We had filled up with fuel and had a pump-out on arriving a week ago but the hose wouldn't quite fit so over to the Service Point on the other side of the basin.... who was there but NB Cleddau  HERE         whom we had met two weeks previously in Tewkesbury, they had had a good time in Gloucester and beyond and now heading north same as us.

After some Toilet Talk  (non boaters, us lot always talk toilets, no one is bashful), the Cleddau's has a composting toilet and are delighted with it........  We have a flushing loo, however never a day goes past when I don't dread the day it blocks, all boating toilets block or have other issues, or though maybe NOT composting toilets  (We have an emergency 'Bucket 'n Chuckit'  in a box in a cupboard).

We parted separately, the Cleddau's mooring up for the day on the canal above the basin, having already done a long river trip and we made haste for Kidderminster where we were taking delivery of a daughter and her cousin-in-law Mallory from NZ for the weekend.

They arrived on time.  David picked them up in the car and left it overnight in Tesco's.  Another good Result, Tesco's new-ish car parking computerised system had broken down, so the kind Ryan on the Customer Service Desk said we could park overnight, otherwise now the brutes make you buy shopping over £5 if you are longer than 2 hours, if you fail to do that then its a £60 fine.  

Vote me in as President and I shall have free parking at all shops.

Supper was steamed salmon, salad and a quinoa I rustled up.  I insist its called Quin-noa.
Not a single photo was taken today, frankly that's a record. 

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