Friday 12 May 2017

Frost in May and houses.

Bidford-on-Avon Bridge last night bathed in sunlight.

Bidford Bridge at dawn taken needless to say, not by me but insomniac husband

David has taken a bit more interest in photos just recently after I showed him how to use Instagram.  These are his from his night time ride, otherwise known as dawn, and yes this is frost you are looking at!

FROST in May!

This is the skyline towards Stratford-on-Avon, the Spire is Shakespeare's resting place.

So today after due consideration, we went biking.  David had seen there is a Roman town near here, so that's where we went to.  Alcester in Warwickshire.   HERE  Roman in origin, the town is thought to have grown up around a Roman fort here.  
First port of call the little museum attached to the library where they proudly display a bird bath.  That is to say that this bird bath that Mr Ray Taylor dug up whilst planting rhubarb turned out to be a 2,000 year old Roman dish!!!

But Wow, the buildings here are amazing;

The top right cottage we were told was the oldest cottage in Warwickshire

At every turn, I have never been in a village or town with so very many ancient houses.

Well after coffee, carrot and passion fruit cake, the sun came out and we peddled back to the boat to go boating.

It was a glorious afternoon, just look, we did a handful of locks alone, there is hardly anyone about.

So calm, see the ripples from WaL...

Ten tinies

We finished the day here, I am not sure of the name of the lock***  but there is masses of moorings here.  Washing out on the airer and  chairs, kindles, sunhats and glasses of.

***George Billington Lock

Supper was steak, roasted tomatoes & mushrooms.  On a late boat arrival was a lovely black labrador that after asking permission, I fed
him my steak fat.


  1. Really interesting reading particularly as we will be following in your wake in a few weeks time. Can you please tell me how long What a Lark is. We were one of the three boats that arrived in Boston the day before you crossed The Wash. Jennie nb Tentative.

  2. Hello Jennie,
    Sorry for the delay but no wifi in the rural moorings that we like. So yes WaL is 70ft. If you have a boat that long you are in for a treat of skillful helming and general low level worry!!!!!
    BUT never fear, read on and all will be explained with photos.

  3. Dear Jennie part 2,
    My apologies but due to my age I have no memory of you at Boston, did we chat?

  4. Oops - I have only just seen this Lisa. Your memory is not playing you up - we did not chat - I just remember your boat. Thank you for the info about the length of WaL - we are only 59 foot, so hopefully will not have such a hard time. We are waiting for a spare part, so are still, frustratingly, at home - we hope to head off later this week.