Wednesday 17 May 2017

A little piece of heaven.

We are often scoffed at for not travelling far. Today I make no apologies for such a day....

This is our mooring for the last couple of days in Pershore, we didn't really have time to explore the town or abbey due to lounging at the cricket.  But needs must, and we must visit here again.

Moorings not totally rammed but many more boats here than when we arrived. 

 Another historical bridge over the Avon, this one here at Pershore.   Originally built in 1413  by monks  from the nearby abbey after their abbot fell and drowned from stepping stones, that pesky King Charles and the English civil war in 1644 put paid to it and it was "Almost" destroyed but rebuilt again.  So its only 370 odd years really.....

A beautiful sight.

So for complicated reasons, we wanted to be in Tewkesbury on Monday, but not today, Sunday. This was because there was a vintage vehicle show and all the moorings were occupied.  

So we did just a little hop.  There were three possible moorings out in the countryside, the first we came across, was next to a dutch barge who had chickens and a cockerel crowing as we passed, never mind a road.  

The next one I said yes to instantly.  in the sun, no road, no other boats no hesitation.  

Comberton Quay, only room for two narrow boats or a bunch of yogurt pots.

View down the river....

View up the river....

Over the meadows....

Birdsong filled the air, a cuckoo, my very first sighting came to entertain us and well what more can you say....?

I can't remember what was for supper but we did have a splendid bottle of fine chardonnay.

David's sunset picture.

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