Thursday 4 May 2017

Barrels and Towers

We spent a quiet night here at Lowsonford, quieter than you might expect having ten boats in a row and right opposite a large pub. 
When I woke up two had gone, by the time the washing load had completed seven boats had gone. 
David took the helm for the first bit as we had to negotiate this, I felt I needed to warm up a bit first.

I was pleased the chimney extension wasn't in place.


Water up, rubbish done right here and before I could say Jack Robinson;

He was gone.  

David belongs to the school of thought which throws the toddler into the deep end of the pool and retreats to have a coffee whilst the toddler learns to the breast stroke, "By simply doing it"

After I had remembered my left and rights, something which doesn't come naturally to me, (Or some other women) I set off, high levels of petrifaction and absolute terror gradually subsided, I began to even look at the scenery...

Fabulous meadows


I think he said well done to me here, I'm not sure.

What I really like are the rubber protection around the narrow entrance to these locks, not for the boat you understand but for the 200 year old locks that need protection.

Another cottage, looks so cute, 

But around the corner is a modern extension.
Split bridges all the way along.

There he goes.  I was almost enjoying myself this morning.  I told him that I had removed the source of stress and anxiety,
"Oh what was that?"

But I have to say camera operation is a skill to be refined, as is fetching my gloves, then an extra coat whilst keeping straight and not alarming the captains of oncoming ships, that was made easier due to the lack of oncoming traffic.  
Usually these items happily fetched by wife.

Clusters of bluebells along the woodland as I went.

With no confidence I say Wild Garlic?
If you can make me out at the other end

David took this of two wifely helms, the other lady had a bad knee, she had said to him that it was an unusual sight two ladies. 

Now David spotted this and snapped it on his phone,  in real life it was much closer to the tow path 

I have to say Reader I was horrified at this last cottage of the day.  Who thought putting a bay window in the culturally important piece of our social heritage was a good idea?  
Then HORRORS......

They had added on this monstrosity.  If I win the European lottery, I shall buy it and demolish that carbuncle.

David said "Calm down dear"

Our mooring.....

For being such a good girl today I was treated to lunch out.  

We first though cycled to the Oldest Church in Warwickshire.  St Peters in Wootton Wawen.  

The tower is Saxon, YES SAXON!!!!!!!!  It dates back to 700BC, that by my reckoning is 1,400 years old. 

St Peters from the north-ish

I have learnt that the saxon masons liked to build their towers by 'Long and short'  so if you look above the drainpipe you can see this.
Saxon history intact here but some idiot has ruined that cottage.

Lunch at The Bull in the village was slow cooked beef curry, a very good average but not cooked slowly enough.


  1. How amazingly far-sighted of the church builders of Wootton Wawen !!

    1. Makes you ponder how many of our contemporary buildings will last one hundred years.....Let alone 1400.

  2. Well done Lisa. My only experience of steering CAXTON alone was along the same stretch of canal while Joe walked the dogs and did the locks.
    X Lesley

    1. Did you scream silently?

    2. Only when lining up for very narrow bridges and then trying to moor up.

  3. Well done Lisa, you're bolder than me (or your David is bolder than mine). We met the people in the horror cottage last year - did you notice the mirrored windows? they had recently moved in and just realised that the windows are see-through if you turn the light on inside.
    ps could you smell the wild garlic? it can be really strong.

    1. My David has been banging on about me driving since the "incident" as he loves doing the locks himself but absolute fear prevented me.
      But seeing the lady driver at Kingswood Junction plus the locks being shockers, I succumbed.
      D says I am much better than he was when he started on WaL.

      David could smell the garlic he says that it was a strong smell.
      Go on, have a go, the boats insured isn't it? That black paint is easy to splash on in October!!!!!!
      I am on a mission now.

  4. So proud of you sweetie!