Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Muguetu Wuame

 Frequent Flyers to this blog may possibly remember a post way way back in July 2019 HERE where I had spotted a vintage craft while we were on the Thames that summer.

Her name was Muguetu Wuame, which I came to understand meant "My Woman".

Down at the bottom of that posting Cathy left a lovely comment to tell me that her father had built the craft in their back garden and she was his pride and joy, although her father had died only two years before and Muguetu Wuame had been sold, she knew not where the craft was and found her via this blog and that helpful Google search.

Also soon after Nick saw the same posting and he is the current owner.  We exchanged a few messages and he has sent me the following photos of Muguetu Wuame after her restoration at the hands of Stanley and Thomas at Windsor HERE and I think you will agree from these indoor photos sent to me from Nick that they have completed a magnificent job.

Cathy, if you are reading this or if anyone knows Cathy please please do get in touch as Nick and myself would dearly love to see those photos you mentioned of your father working on her in your garden and I have Nick's email address too.

Here she is as seen in July 2021 on the Thames at Shillingford.

As you can see they are taken inside their premises but she is looking absolutely stunning in the real sense of the word.  The good news is that Nick is hoping to take her to the Traditional Boat Festival this coming August Bank Holiday which should be going ahead   HERE, I don't think I will be able to go as a new grandchild is expected that day......

I hope he has as much fun on her as her previous owner's father did and create as many memories as Cathy says she has of sailing on her at Ely, Cambridge and around the Wash too.


  1. Pip, the 3rd & 4th photos are blank :(

    1. Oh I am disappointed, but Google tells me I don't have permission to use them even though they were sent to me.
      I'll investigate further Kevin.

    2. HA!
      Kevin I managed it after quite a bit of faffing and reasonably bad language I got all three photos up, however I wasn't able to keep it tidy and delete the blank spaces, Ah well you can't have it all.