Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Medium time, no see.

Now we've hardly seen any boats moving this week, maybe between 6 and 8?  But this morning if you can believe it was a bottleneck at Hawkesbury Junction, with several boats waiting to go in each direction through the wee stop lock that is only about 6" in height.  

But after a bit of delay we were through.  The skies were grey as we went on our way.  The scenery here is a bit deadly dull to my mind but I know others would differ in opinion.  A few messages passed between us and the crew of NB Derwent6 HERE  now these lovely two happen to be the first bloggers I ever read, then David and I met them at Crick the first year we went Boat Shopping.
HERE  Now if you glance at this link, you will see David and myself plus our "Boat Sharers" Amanda and her David, on the back of Derwent6 we all were looking so young indeen I was only 32...   But we hadn't seen Al & Del since last summer on the Ashby Canal where we drank champagne and basked in the sunshine, oh my golly do you remember what sunshine and warm weather feels like?

So we had half baked plans to meet them at All Oaks Wood, but as we got closer we decided to stop over for the night in Brinklow Marina, its under new management now having been taken over last year and the pontoons are all being replaced amongst other changes being made.  We are assured that Brinklow will retain its nice rural feeling.

We chewed the fat with Al&Del and later enjoyed fish and chips from the village.

They are both well and just at the moment taking a break from blogging.  Lovely to see you both again, hope its not too long till we see you again.

Al the next morning waving us off.  

I took that quick photo of Al, however she took rather a better one of us as we reversed out...

Oh my word, look at that blue sky, I was warm-ish for a while too.

Leaving Brinklow marina, now replenished with diseasel and gas.

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