Monday 24 April 2017

Lycra, Rupert and bacon.

"Put more layers on" says he with authority, he always tells people what a cold woman I am.

So my new NZ merino wool undergarments went on, he went out and spent time playing with his new pumpy toy and with rock hard tyres off went went, to see The Naseby Battlefield.  

Yawn yawn I hear from from non history lovers, sorry bear with.  
Almost at the bridge this dear thing was having a drink, I do hate to think of the water quality, but dogs too drink out of the filthiest puddles.

A lovely shortish ride got us to here, I was boiling, while trying to working out which articles of clothing to decently remove, these came haring past;

Some helpful suggestions about clothing came from them.

 Needless to say I was walking up this hill, they didn't stop for breath I don't think and some of them older than me too.

I walked to the top.

Actually the battle of Naseby in The English Civil war took place outside Naseby village and between two others, so there are different places to see it from.  
It was a defining moment for the Royalists, who lost and from reading the information boards, was from iffy tack ticks, pity really as the Royalists surely had better outfits. 

The flag marks one of the spots

Interestingly, today it is far harder to see the places as we have trees and many hedges, back then in 1645, the only hedges marked the parish boundaries and few trees, we wondered if King Henry 8th was responsible for that.  
This Prince Rupert of the Rhine chappie had an interesting life HERE.  Any Canadian Readers?

Further on, this was the view from East Farndon 


 This is the same shot with the zoom;

WaL is close by to the lower ploughed field.  I said I didn't want to go too far today! 

I do appreciate a nice gate, I would like one of these at home.

This is a public footpath, you'd have to bend yer head and knees

Two types of pretty blossom seen today growing in the hedgerows, this first one looked like an apple blossom to me, Debby? 

Just past its best but beautiful or what?

I was struggling a bit by the time we got back to the boat, 13 odd miles is a bit much for MY first ride of the year....

 We set off almost immediately, heading for another pretty mooring south of the Welford Arm,  several boats moored there but no afternoon sun, this is the main criteria for me when mooring up.

Leaving the Laughton Hills at about 1pm

Just around the corner were these darlings, they gambolled along with us 

I for one am delighted that these shrubby bushy trees have been decimated, glorious views right through here.  But its only a question of time as this hedge will be rejuvenated and fill out thicker than ever.  Good for the birds I guess. 

Darling launch at South Kilworth, where's the loo?

So finally moored up, we had done about six miles (Don't tell the Boat Sharers, they never do less than 18 hours a day when they are on WaL)!  It wasn't a silent afternoon as the Gliding Club located near to here was very busy....  They went home for tea and we laid in the cratch in the full sun, reading and perhaps a nap took place.

Look carefully and you can spot the towing string.

 Supper was breakfast, that is to say bacon, avocado, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms scrambled eggs and annoyingly no sparkle, that wasn't in the fridge.  It is now.  

Lastly the sky did this last night after I had finished the blog.
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  1. Well Lisa the first one looks quite appley but the dangly one looks more like cherry - I'm not sure though.
    I do enjoy your blog, it's a laugh! Debby

    1. I agree whole heartily with you Debby,


  2. Love the gate too! You do know the boat sharers read the blog.......