Thursday 27 April 2017

Cold feet, constriction and a Mini Cooper

An early-ish start today, we were above the Watford Flight last night and wanted to just go as far as Norton Junction. 
Two reasons, it was a good place to move the car from and NB Waiouru were though to be in the vicinity....  

Not too many boats around this morning, when we arrived at Watford, we were called straight in. 

Perishing cold it was.  David had popped out of the boat earlier to do a temperature check for me and reported that I needed to take full undergarment precautions, so I did.  I actually put on two thermal tops.  One of which was seeming more elasticated than I remembered..... 

Halfway down the flight and there was my very favourite birdy, a grey wagtail I believe.  
I haven't seen them here before but I have at other locks around the countryside.  The colours are divine and its the colour I want for my Mini Cooper. 
David, I want a Mini Cooper please.

White beautiful blossom and white cotttage.

Cowslips and daffs 

We came down this way last year at almost the exact same time, but I didn't notice the lovely planting that i think is new,  Cowslips, daffs and narcissi planted all along and looking wonderful.

We arrived at the junction and moored up quickly, marginally avoiding the sleet and hail.  

We walked down the Buckby Flight looking for NB Waiouru, no sign, so I think they must have moved this morning before we arrived.  

But we did go into the charming shop at the second lock down which sells canalware and also antiques, the lady had a couple of big vintage shipping lamps which I know lots of boaters are searching for.....  The shop is called Anchor Cottage and its at Buckby.

Supper was the delicious stilton and broccoli soup followed by bresola Parmesan and rocket.

Today we set off even earlier to try to get through the tunnel at Braunston before anyone else was awake.
I resisted putting on two layers of thermals as yesterday I felt like I was a victim of a boa constrictor attack.

This is such a pretty cottage here right on the junction, but if it were mine I would have that willow taken out in minutes.

Willow and fir tree out if it were mine.

They have planted this sweet tree too.

So the early start worked as we didn't meet anyone in the tunnel, curiously, our galsses both steamed up on entering the tunnel!!  So it was warmer inside than out.  This didn't last.

We met another boat to come down with and all was easy and quick.

Kill the oldun's off first!!!

This was a volunteer work party here today.  I was amused that all the younger CART staff were talking, and all the grey haired more mature gents who were volunteers had shovels in their hands and were working......

Nick Wolfe on his way home after a vintage show.

Landed in busy Braunston, we jumped on the first space available as it is busy here today.

Supper was pork stir-fry with orange and chilli sauce and mango surprise.


  1. Love your spring photos Lisa, best time of year in my opinion. Those blokes don't seem to be moving about much though! xx

    1. Oops, the blog has updated! x

    2. Published unknowingly and I was still editing!!!!

  2. And there's me thinking that I had morphed into a lard arse and it was boa constrictors after all...what a relief.

    1. It was a fight to get it all off unaided I can tell you.

  3. The breakneck pace is're not overdoing it are you?

    1. David wishes me to to inform you that he has cycled over 87 miles this week. Personally, I am not sure what this has to to with the price of fish. I do find if I am on the back of WaL for more than two hours I am frozen and miserable.
      Possibly this could affect my mood......?

  4. Is that not a yellow wagtail?

    1. Dear Naughty,
      Of course its a yellow wagtail. Yellow is a fav colour, I don't know why I typed grey. I am an idiot.

  5. I am hoping that the flowers will last another couple of weeks, Lisa, so we can see them while meandering along above Foxton Locks.
    Only 4 sleeps till we leave NZ, but we have a trip to Hokitika and back between now and then ...
    PS What was the photo you sent on what's app?

  6. Hi Marilyn,
    I sent you a photo of WA on Whats App. These current flowers may be finishing, but more will come out I am sure.
    Send my love to Hokitika.