Tuesday 25 April 2017

A quick Flit

Just a short hop today.  Down to yet another of our favourite places.  Bridge 22.

Usually at this time of year Hares can be spotted frolicking in the field opposite, but so far no signs.  David has remarked more than once what a mess has been made of the spraying of this field, its tinged all over yellow.  Trouble is with farming, ones mistakes are public to other farmers and much comment is made.

Peter spotted and hooted us!  For those of you who don't know, Peter is a single hander, he is out during the week all summer.  He reads avidly on his kindle, is ex-RAF and a keen bird and areoplane spotter oh yes and is 84.  If you see him to say hello.

Nice little bit of dredging happened, just after this we passed a boat and we went mildly aground, so they could do more.


I do like a bit of blossom.

Near to Winnick village.

We often walk to Winnick, last time we did there were signs up all over Say No To Wind Farm.  
Looks like they lost.  
I was discussing this issue with a daughter about how controversial they are, the noise, the sight of them in beautiful surroundings and this was her reply " Get over it mother, its better than a nuclear power plant"  so I suppose that's that then, the next generation speaks.

Ah, my first brood seen.

Stunningly good maintenance work on this bridge. 

Amusingly these ladies were nudging and tickling him, he remained nonplussed. 

We arrived in a drizzle which quickly became a shower, moored up, argued over my chain placement, (He was right) and snuggled in.

Supper was salmon, broccoli, wedges and rhubarb surprise.


  1. What is surprising about rhubarb?
    Nice photos, by the way!

    1. Rhubarb softly poached with ginger and bramley's, served with yogurt and toasted almonds.
      Big Fat Yum

  2. Was the surprise that there was no rhubarb?