Sunday 30 April 2017

A guest, another guest and large gins.

So what I didn't mention last night was that 
Amanda arrived during the late afternoon for a long weekend.  No don't worry she was invited, we had invited her and were going to fully utilise her skills of hardiness and strength, I am much lacking in both fields.

So I awoke today and all was quiet.  Very quiet.  
But shortly afterwards she joined me in bed and tea was delivered, sipped and suddenly I was alone as both of them had rushed off to play the Hot Car Shuffle, to somewhere I have never heard of.

In their absence, I cleaned the glass in the portholes.  
Many do this weekly, however I thought it fitting to complete this after five years.  

Pleased to report that it was noticed and commented on too.

Ready Steady Polish.  Its great to have a willing --"Victim" in Amanda, to come help.

Half way through the first side I am glad to report that we were oh so happily interrupted by Tom from NB Waiouru   HERE  he regaled us with tales of his army days, NZ days and his plans for his future adventures.   😳

All good wishes to you and Jan, and thank you for the wine too!!

Polishing resumed, oh what joy.  

Later after a tasty bite of lunch, we left Braunston.  We went about two miles and moored up and polished the other side, came 
in and I started mentally preparing for the day ahead.  We have mileage and locks to do tomorrow, but first Sarah, we need a pump out and not a moment too soon either!!!

Supper was steamed salmon, broccoli and french beans cooked in the modern way of being raw, accompanied by two large gins for tomorrows Lockies.  



  1. Hyper awareness of your lavatorial status is a good thing, Mrs C.

  2. David says I am obsessed with rubbish, however I get a bit twitchy when the poo tank gets to 8/10 on the scale.