Tuesday 25 April 2017

A whizz and a wash

We did that back to front thing again today, we went cycling this morning and boating this afternoon.

Off to see the village of Winnick as we often do.  Its a good place to visit as the church sells books and jam.  
Guess who forgot the money?

So by-passing the church, past the divine Bridge Cottage and down past a very interesting property that has Llamas 
(or Alpacas), Debby do you know the difference?
Then back towards WaL in a big sweep.

But first, after waiting and waiting and waiting last evening, the hares appeared....  such big cuties.  We thought there were about five scampering about.  

Winnick Manor or Grange or other

The devine Bridge Cottage after a recent wash and brush up.

Windmills behind the village, we counted six

I call these the Footballers Wives gates.  I loathe these ones.

There were three, this was the only one smiling.
 Today's Pretties;

Pretty sure this is Honesty

and this is a blue one.

Fast ride back to WaL

So we set off at about Elevenses Time, we wanted to water up and grumbled loudly at a boat not filling and of course moored on the water point... He finally came out and suffered a withering glare.

NB Enterprise.  I can't find anything about her......
 We moored up short of Watford Locks in the snow then later in the cratch it was boiling in the sun......

This crept over and then it snowed again.

This was taken without and filters or jiggery pokery.  Minutes later the entire sky was grey and snowing again. 

Supper was broccoli and stilton soup and an orange.

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