Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Grand Day Out

Today dawned clear sunny and chilly.  I took the precaution of putting on my thermal navy polo necked top, together with scalfy wrap and long wool cardi.  Yes we were actually going boating. 

Not that far but to my absolute favourite spot on the system, to 
The Laughton Hills.  

Ghastly there, don't come!

Its luxury not having many boats to share it with, hardly any in fact we passed by two moored boats whom I swear we see each spring on our way out, the only moving boat was leaving this spot at 09:30 just as we finished for the day.

Liking this reflection thingy going on.

So today as David urgently needed the little boys room, I moored up solo handed.  I remembered how to tie "My knots" after attempting the back twice and the front ropes three times.  I guess I'll get better.
Picked up handbag, car keys and away we went to meet Darling Friends Joe and Lesley from NB Yarwood, twas with them and other two boats that we went on an almighty trip two summers ago 'Across the Wash'.  They have overwintered on dry land this winter and we met them at Geddington.  
Where the heck is Geddington I hear you utter.  Well its in Northamptonshire and it has an Eleanor Cross.  What the heck is a Eleanor Cross I hear you utter......

This is a national heirloom

Lesley Joe and Floyd

So these crosses were erected to mark the overnight resting places of the deceased Queen Eleanor of Castile after her death in 1290 on her way to London for burial, although as was the custom her internal organs remained at Lincoln Cathedral close to the place she died.  

The procession took 12 days, at each town these crosses were erected over the the next two years so let me help you Reader, that is 725 years ago.  The procession finished in London where a final cross was erected, The Chere Reine Cross 
(Dear Queen in French), a replica still stands there but now known as Charing Cross.  Of the 12, only three remain standing, of the three, Geddington is the best preserved and intact.

Absolutely fancinating to history buffs like us nerds, boring as cabbage to others.  Read more about it HERE

This is also at Geddington, for my new Reader, Kay in NZ, its a Ford across a river or stream, it runs next to an old Pack Horse bridge.

Looks great fun, I've never done it.

Then we drove onwards to Wadenhoe, this is an ancient village also in Northamptonshire.  Its one of the wonderful places we stopped at when travelling up the river Nene, after our Wash Crossing.  

Guess who's coming to dinner?  Yes Amanda and David drove 90 mins for lunch..... pretty long way if you ask me.

L to R David (Boat owner), Lesley, David, Amanda (Boat Sharers) and Joe.

A simply marvellous lunch was had by all, a stroll around the village and up to the church and much reminiscing was had about our trip in 2015.

Goodbyes were said and on the way home to WaL David and I took a bit of a detour, we went back to beautiful Geddington and watched the village cricket with a very exciting finish! 

Trees and streams all around the village cricket pitch, how very English.

Oh what big fun and joyfulness, I went through the ford twice on the way home!!!!!

"A river runs through it" *

* A great favourite film with Brad Pitt when he was young and hot.

Oooo nearly forgot to tell you, lunch was baked Camembert, salmon in lemon sauce on a bed of crushed new potatoes with broccoli and we shared chocolate and orange cheesecake..... 

Heartily recommend  The Kings Head at Wadenhoe on the river Nene with moorings in the garden for £10 a night or off of your dinner bill.  I'd stay a week.

The sky did this tonight, that is how it was with no Photoshop.


  1. That lunch is making my mouth water! x

    1. It was delicious Carol. The pub cooked a sausage for Floyd so he was not left out of feasting.

    2. Yep Carol, its totally fab there.

  2. Great lunch. Lots of fords in Norfolk. One of my favourite activities. Although David will talk about the time the Sat Nav took him and his truck through a rather deep ford once....

    1. Yeah, similar, in the back of beyond in New Zealand, no phone signal, no tarmac, we got lost and in a hire car chickened out of a deep looking ford.....