Sunday 18 June 2023

Thumb twiddling

So we were still awaiting the phone call to collect the car.  I had suggested just leaving the keys under the seat but as it technically still drivable even if not legally drivable, we would have to wait.

More phone calls, Saturday drifted on and we waited in vain for a call saying they were coming.  We went to the pub after lunch and not for the whole afternoon I hasten to add.
An amusing ditty, I asked for a Martini Rosso with bitter lemon, a throwback to my youth when I worked in the pub David frequented, or came to frequent.  Definitely a throwback drink from the 1980's so I'm used to explaining it, this occasion I explained it, what size measure and I had already seen the bitter lemon on the shelf.  She handed me the glass devoid of the mixer,
Oh can I have the bitter lemon with it please?
Yeah I already put a b' o' lemin innit.
Well I laughed anyway in the garden, not at her, she was a darling but at the younger generation misunderstanding us "Elderlies" **.

We went home for a high tea  smoked salmon wrapped around cream cheese, asparagus, scones and clotted cream and fresh cherries.  Thank you Waitrose in Wheelock.

Now there are some nice parts to Middlewich but in general it fails to hold ones attention for a longer stretch.

By Sunday afternoon, we were both utterly bored and hot under the collar.
We'd spent the day reading, but yes in the afternoon we toddled along to the pub.  David was certainly enjoying the beer, maybe a little too well..

I was people watching which is good here, very good and in this hot weather with all customers sitting outside its marvellous.
I thought when two "Elderlies" left that David and I should review our image when they climbed into a sporty Jaguar with the soft roof down!  
Next a loud sporty Mercedes came into the carpark and I had to close my jaw when the owners both walked into the pub on two walking sticks each.  I was just taking all this in when two hunky men in full biking leathers got up from the table next to us and got on two Lambretta type bikes

Nothing wrong in that of course but from their outfits I was expecting a huge Harley Davidson.

You just can never tell what's coming next.

A hire boat came into the lock, an Australian couple and the wife helming, first timers too.  I said look at your husband chatting to all those women  "Oh that's okay, it gives my ears a rest" she said now that did make us both laugh.  I complimented her on her helming and off they went towards Heartbreak Hill

David decided to be at the hire car office at 9am on Monday morning, so off he pedalled.  When he arrived and was the first in the door, he said he'd come for the car and the assistant said oh that one has gone out.  No more cars until midday.

His natural charm I think swung it and he arrived back at WaL with a car. 

As soon as he got back I jumped into the car and we zipped over to the Bosley Flight to help our friends up the flight, but they didn't think we would get a car sorted in time, so they started early.  Well we caught them up, shut a few gates and enjoyed coffee in the sunny cratch.  It might be their last year of cruising.

Here they are again.

As we left I saw out of the corner of my eye these cows on the bridge.  A nano second of reminiscing.

With no phone call, we decided to move WaL finally and get away from this busy road.  

It was blimming hot still but with a sun hat on off we set.  Kings Lock first, then I walked ahead to the Middlewich Middle Three as I call them and would you Adam & Eve it, they were manned by volunteers.

Wonderful volunteers and frankly Reader two of them I could of married because they made me laugh so.  All working as a team, poking fun at each other too.  Definitely arrive on a Monday or a Friday here.

Great guy, we traded windlasses as he'd not seen a Dunton before.  I really liked his one too

Leaving the last of the Three locks here.  Onto The Big Lock.

We were going to water up in Middlewich but a boat was on the water point so we carried on.  David dropped me off on a bend before the double lock, all the moorings were taken down here in the shade another reason to carry on.

I was just about to fill the double lock when some movement in the distance caught my eye and it was a Vintage boat coming around the bend, I opened one gate to let him in.  
Are you a single hander?
I inwardly groaned whilst smiling.
I shut the gate and in a flash he was out like a monkey, got a rope, on the paddle before I could walk the 72' to the top gates.  I guess the time was about 4pm...  I asked him where he had come from today, Yarwoods Boatyard on the River Weaver, I got the 10am Anderton lift up, but I stopped for a hour in the heat.
Golly says I, so where are you headed tonight?
Harecastle tunnel!!!!!!!!!!

Are you joking I said disbelievingly, 
No he replied, its the best time of day to travel.  Well we too were travelling later in the day but that is unusual for us,  
Good luck I called as he departed.

I told David what he'd said and David burst out laughing.
We'll never know just how far he got of course but I don't think he meant it as a joke.

Long hot journey ahead of him.

In we come.

WaL in The Big Lock and The Big Lock Pub.

Here we are finally.  We nestled ourselves in immediately after the wee aqueduct the last in a line of boats at the end of the day.
It had felt great to be moving after three nights 'Enforced' wait by that busy road.

Supper was Italian Eggs that I went in to cook to be in the shade.  I am losing my sun tolerance at this advanced age, but really its the heat that's too much.

** Elderlies is not a term of abuse, its a expression my Dutch son-in-law coined when referring to David and myself to his wife.  Its now a family joke and we too refer to ourselves as such.

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