Monday 12 June 2023

On top of a Cloud and a mess

 I really can't find my hat Lisa, have you seen it?  
"Just wear your old Cor Blimey one then, you are the only one that wears your hat"

We left Ramsdell moorings promptly today, we really really did need water now, so aimed for the stop lock.

All quick and easy there.  as we watered up a boat used the lock, I got chatting with the lady crew after she fell heavily in a hole left by either a cobbled stone or subsidence had left a gap.  They too were heading down through Red Bull and Heartbreak Hill, 
"Race you down" says I in jest, 
"Definitely not after that fall", we never saw them again so fast were they.

Not a soft landing for sure.

It was a lovely warm day, not the searing heat we have been having these last few days (I am all behind like a dogs tail again with this blog Reader), the journey was gentle, restful and quiet, we hardly saw a boat.  
We did the locks down to Red Bull dropped off the rubbish and continued.
A boat was arriving with two weary looking people, but oh bliss, all the locks were set for us again.  We've been so lucky this year with locks.

So around we went to Church Lawton and well yes you've guessed it, moored up and enjoyed an afternoon in the sun. 

Don't see this so much these days, rowed up hay in the making.  I expect making for horses.

Best view of Mow Cop, I have included several times before, but it is the best view.

Supper was I believe wine and nibbles.  David has started a book of 1,100 pages, he made good progress today.

Part of supper....

Next morning was cooler and that was a relief.  Off we went, making half baked plans about where to stop next.  Pointless really as its all dependant on available moorings, we were soon at Rode Heath, but as we'd only been going a very short time, despite pretty moorings and unexplored paths  we carried on.

First lock of the day, David MIA.

He does do his part really.

In his cor blimey hat, now sporting his thick fleece.

We landed at Hassall Green.  Moored up, had breakfast and got in the car to fetch his hat. 
It was at The Ship Inn at Wincle 17 miles away.  Had it of been a baseball cap obviously we wouldn't had bothered, but at that price, well also another excuse to have a nice lunch out and a walk up to the top of The Cloud.

A chilly wind blowing so hat of to keep my hair out of my eyes, his cor blimey hat.

Mow Cop in the distance

Right in the centre of this are the moorings at the foot of Bosley Locks, where we had moored.

We think Macclesfield in the distance.

Well it was a fabulous day.  The views from this hill were wonderful.

Supper was (Lunch actually) mushrooms in wine sauce, scampi and their absolutely tremendous Eton Mess they call it Ships Mess.

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