Friday 23 June 2023

Oh what a beauty

 So we had a a day or two in hand now before we were going home.  How to spend them.....?

We moved on the following day.  But just a bit, David was remembering a pretty mooring, frankly there are plenty along this Arm, it's hard to recall precise mooring spots a few years later when hedges grow and change but around the corner  we both said at once "Here it is."

So after about an hours cruise, we moored up again.  The forecast was very very hot and we had another tree.  Priceless.

Two boats past by, both the drivers separately called out, there's rings around the corner...  We thought about it but decided against it as we were on our own and on the rings were other boats.

So due to the high temperatures we hid here.  Still time to get to Overwater, still time to loiter.

David helping at Stanthorpe Lock, I felt my back ping at Big Lock that morning.

So in glorious idleness, I can heartily recommend this book.  I have read all of Mr Norton's books.

Rather nice that the internet was iffy.

Our own stretch that day.

But can you see the cloud formation behind me?  I didn't seen it until later.

Saved by the tree.

Quite a few walkers in the heat.

Then it was rumbles of thunder and this had crept up behind me.

I might out my chair away says I,
I think we are going to miss it, says he...

Well yes, it walloped it down.

Supper was herby chicken salad.

The next morning the grass was dry and the temperatures rose again.  
I do love this tree David...  I suggested that we stay here for the sweltering part of the day and do an evening cruise.  This was met with enthusiasm so we did.

My day was spent chortling to this book, really funny, everyone should read it.

If you only read one book this year make it this one.

So on our way in the cool of the evening.  The land falls steeply away here.

Reader here we have a field of Holsteins.  The very breed widespread now but David's father started his herd of Canadian Holsteins way back in the 1950's

David says the top line is okay, a bit straight legged on her back legs and she could do with more rib... David won prizes for his stock judging when a young man.

A complete contrast in scenery now.

I thought these were holiday homes, but here's a For Sale sign, any takers?

The last of the yellow flags and Queen of the Meadow

My first Foxglove, almost missed it.

Is that...?

By golly yes and he didn't fly off either

A bit of jiggery pokery with this one to make him stand out but I don't think I needed to.  Later in trees we saw two flying along together but of course then no camera ready.

The idea was to do the two locks tonight then David could leave early in the morning to toddle along to Overwater Marina, David dropped me and I went up to check no one coming down.  But the entire paddle gear had CART tape on looking similar to a murder scene.

Oh what luck, a broken down lock.  The first boat on the lock landing had a opened cratch door so I knocked to gain further info.  The lock had broken the previous day, CART had been in attendance today.  Not resolved so they were coming back tomorrow and "Hoped" to get it working.

Oh gawd, our extra day under the tree had been expensive.  I had made a solemn vow to get my mum to her thirty year work reunion which was in two days time....

In my head I started making Plan B's 

Supper was savoury pastries and salad.

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