Friday 23 June 2023

Finally we are off again.

Flippin' Heck we had a phone call this morning from the car recovery company.  They had just been given the job and called immediately.  
Meet you at the car in 30 minutes.
David on his bike and toddled off.  They arrived together, hitched up the wagon and good riddance to bad rubbish, or should I say farewell to David's favourite ever car.  
Discussion as to whether it's worth taking this badly damaged all that way when it looks like it's going to be written off....

I walked along to the famous Fish & Chip shop to meet David in the hire car heading off for Nantwich.  To the M&S Food Hall (Remember Reader David's favourite shop) to collect my online shop of flipflops, and sunhats mainly.  We tried them on in the car and I returned the unwanted bits immediately.
I caught up with David and the trolley, he was deep in conversation with a woman from Bunbury (Home of the famous locks)  I'm glad I arrived when I did because it sounded remarkably like he was receiving a proposal of marriage, I kid you not.  
I'll be asking him later just how that conversation started.

We filled the trolley with treats and some food, then headed back to Middlewich.  Now to find a good and safe location for the hire car for one night.  

We unloaded the shopping, then headed back to the pub, The Kings Lock Pub, right on the lock, no food being served but finally we get to enjoy the Fish and Chips, we were early but still a queue.

Early home, reading in the sun when it was a bit cooler.

Next morning we slipped away pretty early, but not before David had deposited the car into Overwater Marina when WaL will be having a little holiday.

After topping up with water before Big Lock, around the corner were the Middlewich Three Locks ably manned by the Jolly Team of volunteers we had encountered a few days before.  I walked forward to Wardle Lock on the Middlewich Arm, it was set for us by another volunteer, who had in the meantime moved a sailing boat from Anglesey to Ireland, a cat nap then caught the ferry back.   He used to do it, but had retired, but as the man was desperate he agreed.  He confessed that he had enjoyed it so much he would have done it for no money.

We did Wardle Lock and the next one, Stanthorpe Lock, then saw a lovely mooring, a tree and moored up.  The view was lovely, the tree imperative, just one or two other boats along.

Finally not to be waiting for other people, just to listen to the birds was marvellous.

Supper was prawn cocktail salad and one of those Magnums I brought yesterday.

Sun set on the canal a few nights ago.

The roses are magnificent this year.


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