Monday 26 June 2023

And things were going so well.

 David did some maths during last evening, calculating what time we had to leave this mooring to get to Overwater Marina where WaL was booked in to stay, to see the manager of the maintenance shed where WaL was going to have a few jobs done. (We had moored up earlier than we had wanted to due to the mother of all thunder storms catching us early in the evening, we could have done another 90 minutes boating easily).  
I think we should leave at 05:30 he declared.....
Jesus wept.

Frequently Flyers to this blog may have gleaned that I am not a happy riser at what I consider to be the night time, I will do so, sometimes when the need is acute, even without moaning. 

I pushed the front out, neither of us spoke, no bangs or crashes so to avoid disturbing the lovely neighbours who had helped us moor up in the gusting squalls as the storm started last evening.  I should also add Reader that WaL does have a very quiet engine.  We have been accused in the past by fishermen of sneaking up on them..  You can never please fishermen.

Now you may have to use your imagine for these early early early morning shots of the dawn breaking through these trees, even I loved it.  But the photos have come out a bit flat.

Nice looking maize coming up.

The well known aqueduct at Nantwich coming up

Look Reader, too early for cars.

Some very pretty Jerseys.  But be warned Jersey bulls are extremely fierce, probably something to do with little man syndrome.  David says that Guernseys are darker and dont have such good udders, so now you know.

Oh I just love that untouched water thing you only get at silly O'Clock.

So we got to Overwater in good time, actually before they opened....  The manager was nowhere to be found. 

But we sorted everything out and headed for home about twelve.  We always seem to take two hours to leave from mooring up.  Anyone manage it quicker?

The journey home was the very worst in the history of our boating.
The motorways were busy, the sun was blinding, the air con on the hire car was working haphazardly on the drivers side (I do the driving in cars Reader, David's driving makes me scream) there was a crash on that well known car park the M25, the temperature in the car was 33C, my nerves were frazzled in the heat, Google and I aren't speaking anymore after it took us on a detour through the dense countryside of Surrey and to the single lane bridge on the River Wey where things descended into farce and arguments with 500 cars all wanting to get over it.  Our 4.5 hour journey took almost 8 hours.
There Reader each time I share the horror of it the trauma lessens.

We will be home for a fortnight, but I finished this blog at home so see you shortly.  


  1. Hi Lisa, Dave says we always seem to take 3 ho obably right! He's very impressed with your efficiency. What a shame the canals are all so far from home though.
    You may get a message from me replying to a comment you made on our last trip saying your blog won't let me comment - I've worked out what to do, as you can see, so please ignore it.

    1. Debby we are probably 2-3 hours more often than not. I hate packing up and "moving house" I hate getting home and having to sort through everything again, so I put it off in the last days of boating. But be assured there is little efficient about us two.