Monday 19 June 2023

Salt mines and collapses.

We were still waiting to get a phone call about collecting the wreck we needed to hand over the keys.  If they called they would have to wait now for our convenience. 

We decided to head north to the Anderton Boat Lift.  We could have gone on the River Weaver, we have been on it before several years ago, I quite liked it David less so.  We decided to stop on one of the "Flashes" that I somehow remembered to watch for birds on the way back if there was a space.

So we left the following morning.  David had found online somewhere about the Norwich Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse.    So its an Workhouse building or what is left of the original, most was demolished and it became an old peoples home, but now about life in Northwich with the discovery of salt, the Romans and how the river Weaver became so important to it all.

I leant masses.  Like salt was mined, I mean who knew?  I though they boiled salt water and scraped the residue.  Well salt production and all its related industries were a big employer, as were boat building on the Weaver and engineering. 

 Yes so mining, all around the area, but then the mines collapsed causing one or two slight irritations, like your house falling over.  I would have thought they might have abandoned the towns but no.  To find out how they did save the town you'll have to go.

Painted in 1806, but from the photo below you can just make out it is quite accurate.

I am quite glad I didn't have to go down a salt mine.  

We cycled down from Marston.  An easy bike ride or a 45 minute walk from the canal.
We whizzed back to Wal having really enjoyed looking at all aspects of Northwich and carried on towards Anderton.  Not many moorings left but we fitted in under some trees.

Supper was smoked salmon with horseradish, then cold salmon with asparagus then a fine dessert of chocolate and coffee.

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