Sunday 28 May 2023

To Bugsworth and Beyond

I've been remiss, I'm sorry but back now.

All good things must come to an end and so did our time on one of the best spots on this canal.  We toddled off one bright but chilly morning.  We'd had a brilliant time on this spot, many walkers use this section, most of them friendly, engaging, ready and willing to pass on information of things to see.

I found a house for sale with glorious views, walking distance to a train station but David is reluctant to relocate, something to do with being cold and wet in winter...

I'm used to small places but this is tiny, it had a Range Rover parked outside it much of the time.

Nice-ish house but surrounded by far too many trees for me.

Poxy Canadian Geese hatching everywhere now, prolific breeders and good parenting is a big problem.

As we approached this chappie had his head down, he was right alongside the canal and I couldn't make out what it was.  Too slow with the camera but he was super cute.

Now don't ask me what this structure is but it was alongside a fishing shack.  Someone had a sense of humour.

Now this did amuse me.  Here at New Mills is the somewhat famous or well known sweet factory, evidently making Love Hearts we all ate as children.  There is a pervasive sweet smell in the air that I can only feel the locals are used to but after five minutes I'd had enough of it.  Right opposite the factory, that we were told runs at night too, plus weekends, they are building houses right along the canal.  The noise from the factory was pretty loud and the view for the houses is all factory.  
I wonder if these will sell fast. 

New builds on the left, non stop noise on the left from unattractive factory on the right.

We arrived at Bugsworth Basin, a few boats here, but only a few.

An interesting occurrence when we arrived.  We wanted water and moored at the water point.  parked up alongside the tap was a Volvo estate car, on the back of the estate was a trailer with a 1,000 litre water tank.  
His hose was filling the tank.  
As we stood there not seeing the driver immediately pondering what to do,  Reader I was on the verge of detaching the hose, filling us up and reattaching the hose when the unseen driver got out with a yappy snappy dog and made to walk off.  
I asked if we could fill while he was away from his car.  Lets just say his response was negative....
He told me that he was a boater of twenty years and was filling his tank...  I tried to say that the rules were 30 minutes filling and move on if other boats were waiting.  He repeated his twenty years as a boater (We are now Boaters of eleven years as if that is relevant) 
By now I would describe him as aggressive and rude, he said he'd be another 20 minutes, it takes him 90 minutes to fill it.  His boat he says is 5 hours round trip away from this water point so he fills it here. 

Well he walked off with his wee scabby dog (In the words of Billy Connolly) but not before telling David that I should calm down and be quiet.  
I didn't detach the hose, but I felt pretty angry about it.  He drove off 35 minutes later.

So fellow Boaters what do you say?  

After that we went walking.  Through the basin, over the footbridge spanning the main road, through the other half of Buxworth village and up up up.

Fabulous moss covered natural rock and man made wall on our way up.

If you look carefully in the photo below you might just make out a smidge of red that is WaL in Bugsworth Basin, the main road A6 cut though the village with the houses on the left being the other half. 

The views from up this relatively low hill or Peak called Eccles Pike but gave tremendous all around views.

Bugsworth Basin from Eccles Pike

On the hike up to Eccles Pike, a Derbyshire stile over the wall, I'm more used to a wooden stile over a barbed wire fence.  These stone walls never loose their attraction to me.  If I owned one I'd be out rebuilding it every day.  Or perhaps I'd get David Lewis onto it.

This was on the way down, we stood and watched a few overs being bowled, it was Buxworth v Chapel-en-le-Firth.  Another joy to us, village cricket.


Combe Reservoir from Eccles Pike

It might not look it but it was a gorgeous day, warm at the top and boiling back down in the basin.

We called into The Navigation Pub in the basin.  A warm and welcoming establishment, slightly tired furnishings and décor that I hope is going to survive and not be taken over by chain.  We were included in the group chat in the bar by locals.  I love that, almost a thing of the past.

Supper was Sainsbury's fish cakes, sweet potato wedges and salad and dessert was a Magnum each, purchased from The Navigation.


  1. Lisa this is what Aussie call "Taking the P!ss". Therefore, after the "boater" had walked away you should have asked David to climb onto the trailer and empty his bladder into the tank. That way the situation is reversed and the "boater" is now "Taking the P!ss". Later you can imagine him (the boater) thinking his tea tastes slightly metallic :-)

    1. Tom,
      That is an excellent idea and I only wished I'd thought of it. Although I could have told him a few home truths, us being next to our boat, made us venerable to a brick through the window or worse.
      Days later we spotted what we are convinced was his boat, alongside another, with a trailer covered with a tarpaulin over a water tank shape under an overhanging shrub. The moorings for two boats were alongside a house which I reckon the house was on a meter so they don't use their water.
      One of the few Nasty Boaters we meet, but they are far far outweighed by the great folks we meet.
      Send greetings to Jan,

      Lisa & David

  2. I’m with Tom. Or maybe video and send to CRT? Why don’t they bring boat to water point?

    1. The horrid man claimed that the to and from journey to the waterpoint would take him 5.5 hours. But he chose to live there.....