Saturday 6 May 2023

Sorry for the delay

 Well Reader you maybe forgiven in thinking that we are still on the cut on the Trent and Mersey canal but yes, we did go home, normal life was resumed and I forgot to finish.


So I meant to have started writing days ago but the Dongle went wrong, my phone was playing up and I couldn't get on the laptop...  Only to find today that there is nothing wrong with the Dongle, the problem is the 4G or lack of it in this part of the world.

So by way of a recap;

We had a short break with grandchildren at Centre Parcs which although full on with activities is really great fun, I'd go without children, (David less so)

This Poppet is suppose to remind our daughter of me... I don't see it.

So from there we came back to WaL and after a quick visit to the Farm Shop at Great Heywood away we went.  At the risk of being boring, we went north. 

The next day we took the bikes and did a joint visit to M&S Foodhall, you'll remember Reader its David's favourite place, we had so much shopping I could barely ride the bike back to WaL.  I let him unpack it.


All along the way we wild flowers coming out.

Campion pink and white.

A duck egg on the path, probably from a bit of nest raiding.

My first Bluebell.

Look sun and everything.

We feasted that first night of goodies from the Farm Shop.  Moving on from Stone, we left early to avoid the incoming rain due by lunch time, we arrived just five minutes before two other boats were preparing to do the flight of is it eight locks here in all, glum faces when we passed them.  
Obviously the rain came early and we got a bit damp doing the locks but all bar two locks were in our favour.
Love it when that happens.

We arrived Barlaston.  David has had a bit of "Solar Anxiety" over the winter and has been ping ponging between adding another panel to the roof and not bothering but it  would take us from 2 x 200watt to 3 x 200watt...  In a moment of enlightenment over the winter he decided on a new freezer instead.  A more efficient one (Don't ask me what or how).  
We collected the new one from Stafford that afternoon.  

Yes its had a big effect and now solar panels are off the menu. 
We shall see how we go.  

At Barlaston we carried the new and old ones to and fro from the car in the rain getting quite curious looks from the patrons sitting outside.  Now you might remember how useless we are at DIY but we managed to winkle the old one out and the new one in with a mad row or damage to WaL.  

Supper in the Plume of Feathers was Katsu Chicken, the third time I've ordered that in recent years, then black forest trio.
Good value and delicious.