Thursday 11 May 2023

A marvellous time at Bosley Locks

 The next morning was sunny for the run up to the locks.  

The flight of 13 locks here are now on Restricted Hours, that is to say that since the reservoir at Whalley Bridge up in Derbyshire  HERE    had its collapse and is well under way to being repaired but it won't be finished this year, the reservoir is not full hence the restriction on both the Flight at Marple and the Bosley are only opened three days a week and only for five hours.

As well approached the locks, the sun was shining, the surrounding countryside was simply beautiful to behold.

Have a look.

Open meadows, but with those poxy Canadian Geese.

Wooded avenues with patches of bluebells

Great time to visit before the leaves are out, more to see.

Blues and yellows, I have a blue and yellow section in my garden at home (These were only dandelions)

First peek at the Peaks.... look someone in a T shirt.

Double bridges.

This isn't the first newly laid hedge we've seen on this canal.  Wonderful work.

See how high we are.

This hill below I can't find a name for but it can be seen from all around.  (I'll ask my son-in-law, he knows all things northern).  Gosh did I tell you the sun shone?

Pushing off for the first lock.

Two views of the new Braidbar narrow boat on it's way to be shown at Crick.  It really did look marvellous.    

I could buy this no problem.

Now we had an unsurpassed brilliant time at these locks.  I guess we arrived at about 10am, nicely in time for all the boats that set off earlier from the top descending, to make our lives super easy.  It meant I didn't have to turn a single lock, the very last lock as I walked along was turned for me by the two volunteer lockkies, who at 12:45 were eager to leave.  So technically one lock was turned.

We met nice people, at one point a boat was coming but was two locks away, David had his breakfast and we just waited for them to arrive so saving two locks worth of water for the next day.

David said to a woman when I had gone ahead, how well it had gone for us and she agreed it was good.  Then in the next breath said she couldn't understand why the flight is restricted "Makes no sense"  
But it's a brilliant way to save water when you meet boats all the time in a shorter period of time.

The volunteer offered us to moor up on the water point at the top of the locks as no one will be here for two days but no we didn't.  I guess we went 500yards around the corner.  Sat in the sun with the opened cratch cover and I got on with the best book I have read in a long time.
David has got fed up with me chortling at the funny bits.  He is going to read it next.

Absolutely Fabulous.

Supper was a large assortment of M&S snacks, with wine then cheeses all sat in the sun. 


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