Wednesday 10 May 2023

Absolute beauties plus Lesley and Joe

 The next day was David's turn to shine and display all his wonderful gifts at logistics.

We had plans to meet up with the lovely Joe and Lesley formally of NB Caxton, then NB Yarwood then NB Steadfast and I am delighted to tell Lesley's blogging fans (For those who haven't read her blogs over the years, we certainly did read them and she aided our decision to get WaL) I am delighted to tell her fans that they have another boat, a more doggie friendly boat than Steadfast proved to be with new little doggies and an engine room.

So plans to meet "The Yars" as we refer to them, they are moving their newly aquired boat NB Toulouse up Heartbreak Hill.  David found an aqueduct where we could leave the car near by.  

We didn't think finding the aqueduct would be tricky....

The view from Ramsdell Hall Railings, I think these are historic, plus the moorings, not great moorings but I don't think the owners really want us boaters there to be gazed on.

Ramsdell Hall

From hereabouts you can walk over the fields to Little Moreton Hall  HERE  we did this years and years ago and I would have liked to have gone today but maybe on the way back.

Suddenly everyone is cutting grass.  a few dry days then a lot more rain due.

The stone bridges on this canal are simply gorgeous.  Even better in the sun.

The birdsong, the sunshine, the flowers and blossom... sigh.

I couldn't read it but I am presuming its an original mile marker.

So we knew that this aqueduct was between two bridges, I was expecting something a bit more specular but after passing over it and having to reverse approximately 50' the access was a simple wooden gate on the tow path side and no indication on the other side.

We moored up after mamouth cruise of 90 minutes....

This was the view from just down the wooden gate shows you what lovely countryside it is here, just 4.5 miles from Kidsgrove where we exited the Harecastle Tunnel.

We had to leave time for Lesley & Joe to arrive... at the time of taking this photo she was in Morrisons down in Middlewich, not far in our car but they were aiming to be up Heartbreak Hill,  so while we waited we went here.  That is to say we visited Church Lawton Woods.  Now for any boaters amongst you, these are easily accessible from either the Macclesfield Canal and the Trent and Mersey Canal as they are right between the two.  The Bluebell section is clearly managed in a most productive but understated way, they also have left big piles of sticks, twigs and branches for insects.  Other sections were more wild like and less managed.  The sun came through the leaves, the birds, the tree rats oops sorry squirrels made it a most beautiful afternoon.
I urge you to visit.  

Bluebells although a glorious colour are difficult to capture on film.

We have a sizable Beech hedge at home, when we left it was still in bud, we both have a soft spot for the Beech, paper thin and bright bright green when the leaves appear.

I am so sorry and regretful that I didn't take any photos of J&L, but they are well, delighted with their new boat.  Should you be on Facebook you may well find her and her boat diary there.

Supper was fish and chips at The Cheshire Cat at Wheelock,  shall we say about a third of the way up Heartbreak Hill.  We drove home to the aqueduct in almost darkness up the lane which was little wider than a country path and less smooth.