Tuesday 16 May 2023

Heroes, Holly and cupcakes

Left over from last evenings walk, WaL almost in sunshine after an afternoons rain.  We walked towards WaL's right. 

This is WaL when we set off last night.

This is the nearby bridge that took us off to where I'm not sure, but it was pretty.

Early start today, rain coming in again this afternoon, of course it is.

Echoes of a former life. 

Just a delightful run up to the junction, properties old mixing nicely with the new ones.  

The waterpoint just short of the junction is currently coming through the wire fence of a former BW yard now built on.  I hope the water point remains when the building is completed.  I feel without any research or knowledge, apart from my own experience that when water points are being taken out of service for what ever reason and not necessarily replaced.  Feels like that.

We gently hooted as we came around the junction, it had to be gentle as the horn is on its last legs.  We have a new one onboard but the fittings are different so it is still in it's box.

We turned right and towards Bugsworth Basin.  The sun was shining, the gods looked favourably on us when, as we came out of some trees was a mooring available with a clear view all the way to New Mills and a low hedge.
"Moor up HERE" and for once he did.  

Tremendous mooring, I would have lopped down a couple of trees but they were in a private garden so I'll wait until after dark.

 It was still early as he fiddled with ropes and dangles.  Several dog walkers went past, we chatted to all of them and they imparted some very useful local knowledge.
So very friendly up here, you'd think they'd get hacked off with boaters.  One couple had driven out from Bury to walk this particular spot.  They had come to see Holly The Café Boat, more about that later.

In the course of time we wandered off back towards Marple,  We brought coffee and Coronation Cupcakes from Jo and Vic who run Holly the Café Narrow boat.

If you haven't heard of this couple, they live on one boat called NB Zero and run a Café from another boat called Holly.  They are vloggers and they are the only vlog I watch.  A great couple and a great vlog.   HERE

The coffee was really good and feast your eyes on these;

Truly the most delicious cupcakes.

  We got talking to the couple in the queue in front of David, lovely couple sorry I didn't remember your names.  They would dearly love a narrow boat and came back later to have a gander at ours.  If you found this blog both of you, we wish you luck in the search and the future onboard.

Fully refreshed we toddled off to Marple for a snoop and a quick flit to ASDA.

Walking back from the dreaded Asda, we happened upon the Memorial Park, now a park for Marple but formally the gardens of the local mill owner and his family who lived here.

The sons of the mill owner and their cousins went off to fight and out of six boys only two were to survive the war.  

In front of the house is the display board recording all those who were lost from Marple and it also included the story of the local people completely opposed to war, the Conscientious Objectors.  

Overall the park on this Coronation Day, was busy with families, activities, flowers, stalls and the sun shone.  It was such a very touching display in a wonderfully well tended  park.

The family were benefactors to Marple donating land and buildings and even the cinema, one of the last few remaining independent cinemas in the UK.

Supper was to have been Coronation Chicken, but some idiot (me) forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer so it was fishcakes and French beans, not quite the same, the sparkle will have to stay on ice too, but we did watch the high lights of the Coronation.  

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