Monday 15 May 2023

David that map must be upside down.

The next day we jollied along towards the junction and the Peak Forest Canal.  We had intended on making the junction, filling up with water at Poynton, the home of Braidbar Boats and a wee shop on the tow path selling pretty wonderful ice-creams.  Recently at a theatre in London, I nipped off in the interval to get a couple of ice-cream tubs, they were nice however they were £4.50 each. (I didn't tell David of course).
These ice-creams went into the new freezer, it's running beautifully well, quiet and taking hardly anything out of the batteries.  
David is thrilled.

Anyway, hot and sunny at Poynton, an hour later they grey clouds surrounded us again.  Quickly stopping, mooring up, tonneau cover on the back, just in time for todays downpour.

Living on the south coast, the weather men may say "Chance of showers", it rarely means rain.  But in the Midlands or (surely we are in the north now? East Cheshire I think officially) When the weather man says "Chance of showers" its sure to bucket down all morning.

We snuggled up and got the books out, maybe some snacks and a glass of I can't remember but that was likely.

Much later in the evening the sun peeped out and we ventured out too.  Walking over, well frankly Reader even with the map out I'm not sure of the name, but lets say towards Strines.  
But coming back, from a not very high point we got this view....

This was on the otherside of the slope.  We believe this is Mellor.

Central Manchester

We were in the middle of a gorgeous hay meadow (on a footpath I hasten to add) We watched several planes dip below the clouds as they descended to Manchester airport. 

This is Goyt Mill.  Everything is Goyt here, the river, the aqueduct, road names etc etc

Peak Forest canal is just down there behind the wooden fence. 

I am a great admirer of these stone walls.

Possibly Hawthorne, possibly not.

We followed the map and hoped it was a circular route, we finished up walking through a section of a private garden, I was horrified but yes it was the Public Footpath, I could see what they were watching on TV!

Supper was very little tonight, we were still full from our feast with Carol and George yesterday.

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