Wednesday 7 August 2019

Windsor to Bourne End

Another early start for the Intrepid Three, Windsor wasn't busy and with skilful use of my left leg we avoided using the dreaded bow thrusters so early.  

I was a bit surprised when I came back to the Bridge that we were now heading downstream, as we were supposed to be going in the other direction....  but David had promised Amanda to have a quick look at the centre of Windsor from the boat.  
A few shots I forgot yesterday;

Amanda joining in the watering and deadheading game, we've all played.

Happy guest.

Pesky rowers on all sides

First job was to David into his lifejacket, David routinely puts in on upside down or back to front....

Amanda sorted him

She's not bashful.

In Windsor proper here was Venessa.   HERE, I had caught sight of her yesterday but hadn't managed to get a picture of her.  What doesn't really show up in this is how she gleams, she looks brand new but if you open the link you can see she has her own website with old photos and the original plans.  Plus the surveyors report to the current owners in which he advises against purchasing her.  Well I am glad they did as she was a stunner in the very real sense of the word. 

My only thought is that I would have all matching fenders.

We were told that actress Patricia Routledge lives here, we were told by the owner of this white cruiser, Ms Routledgecame out to tell him he couldn't moor here, although he had just been given express permission, I hope the story is true, 

These apartments cost an arm, a leg and a kidney, and just look at the state of it every morning!

Steve, Cormorant or Shag?

Look at that beady eye.

So we turned and headed off towards Maidenhead, hoping that we were a bit too early for the rowers, there were only a few so no nerves on edge this morning.
This house below is what Amanda and I consider to be the most lovely that we have seen so far on the Thames.  Who agrees?  If I win the Euro Lottery, I'll make them an offer they  can't refuse.

The next three properties in a row all had these super duper wooden speed boats outside, they looked fantastic.  Later I had a wee look on Henley Boat Sales and oh my golly guess how much.....?     HERE   so to have three in a row, well it must be like Keeping Up With The Jonese.

A bit of a bottle neck at Boulters Lock in Maidenhead, we pulled onto the lock landing and as the lock began to empty I heard voices behind me and a wee day trip boat had arrived with about ten passengers, none were spring chickens,  the captain looked just like Captain Mainwaring from Dads Army also with the same disposition.  As I watched the boat came along the landing and two passengers attempted to get off to take the ropes, the first had the rope tangled and didn't get off, the second had one leg on the boat and one on the lock landing when the boat drifted out again and I really thought I would see a dunking, somehow he rebalanced and a third attempt was had.... I watched with horror as a worst effort unfolded with two men doing the almost splits when the boat drifted out again.  
Not one person was wearing a life jacket although they HAD been provided.  
David said that if they wanted to save the airfare to DIGNITAS in Switzerland that's up to them....
I would have taken photos but I was holding SR's rope.

Phew out of that lock and there was this gorgeous specimen, I called to the owner how lovely she looked and was it all his own work?  
Yes!   almost,  he said.
The boy done good me thinks.

Another cracker, matching fenders too.

Cliveden, in dreary light, but here it is.  In a cottage in the grounds here in in 1961 a bit of rumpy pumpy occurred and the repercussions meant the resignation of a cabinet minister.  The following year the general election was lost.  Huge scandal, 
I remember my parents talking about it and stopping talking when I walked in the room.   If you are too young to remember  its all    HERE  


We carried on and managed to get on a mooring below Bourne End, David and I always like going to The Bounty here at Bourne End.  It has a eclectic sense of interior design and surprisingly no road access, all the drinks and food and staff come to that arrive by boat.  
We three had fish & chips in the sun and watched very interesting people in the afternoon.


  1. Patricia Routledge lives in Chichester. She's often seen around town, at the Cathedral, and doing charity appearances.

    1. Oh no, then the story wasn't true, jeepers and I had imagined all her outfit plus hat too....