Sunday, 4 August 2019

Loitering in Henley, good-oh!

We are waiting for the next batch of Fine Company, she is arriving tomorrow so for convenience sake we stayed over in  Henley for ease of car parking.

Today I went a wondering ad David did the same but to different places.  I found a needlework and quilting emporium  and brought some things for my mother.  I have since told her that I had to walk about three miles to do so.  But its for these two new grandchildren of ours (Her great grandchildren) that are both due to arrive in under three weeks now, so I was happy to do the walk in the heat.

Well I got back to SR I was interested to see that a floating crane plus assorted barges were lifting the course markers from the Regatta that is now finished.

So here is the whole thing.  The white topped posts mark the course and the long grey floating spacers keep the lanes form being crossed. 

See how long they are?

This beautiful launch/day boat/craft went by and sadly I couldn't quite see the name but oh my goodness isn't she grand?

Has it got a toilet I hear gongoozelers ask.

Then I saw this....    HERE

We think its for sale if hand restoration is your thing.  
This boat below has had the benefit of years of hand restoration, the brass was gleaming as was the crystal punch bowl on a shelf I noticed.  You never know when you'll need a punch bowl at Henley after all.

Look carefully for punchbowl.

The Nandura  has a piece on FaceBook   HERE, she too was utterly lovely, do they make craft like this today I wonder? 

Two days later she started her engines, reversing in a bit of a hurry completely filling SR with ghastly fumes..... that side of old ships puts me off a bit.

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