Monday 5 August 2019

A short flit and a grand lunch.

 Amanda arrived today, in fact she arrived last evening.  So this morning we were able to leave nice and early to go downstream.  It was a lovely morning when we set off, pushing the front of SR out from the grassy bank with my extended leg as much as I could to avoid using the bow thrusters damaging the banks.  
It was too early for other boats so apart from the odd rower we had the river to ourselves.

Temple Island.  This is used as the start for many races for the Royal Regatta, there's always a light on inside the folly, but no one at home.

A few years ago I mocked the planting scheme of this property, but now its a bit more established and I still think it's awful.  I think it looks like a row of wonky teeth.

Medmenham Abbey, colourful past.

We navigated Hambledon Lock and carried on past Medmenham Meadows then past Medmenhan Abbey  HERE  
Its had a colourful past, the Abbey dates back to 1201 but I'm not sure that any of this heavily restored building has any C11th sections left.  It was sold for millions in the recent past and is in private hands, the scaffolding still up but who knows on day it might be finished...

We arrived at Hurley Lock for water, disposal of rubbish and for David's first ever visit to an elsan point, but where is it?  A quick phone call to George and we managed to locate it.  Here it is in the manner of a French one, a hole in the ground with a lid on it!

I did the water, David did the other....

Coming past Bisham Abbey, I've not been but David took a daughter here for hockey training years ago, one day we'll visit the place again.

When we got around the corner into Marlow, we thought we may have arrived a tad too early, it was chockablock with GinPalaces.
We won't get in there says I
Ye of little faith says David and with that he snugged us into a wee slot on the free moorings bish bash bosh.
You won't be able to get a stake into that stone path says I 
Give me the mallet says he.
Two minutes later we are in neatly, staked well and Bob's your uncle.

We three went along to The Coach.  Tom Kerridge's pub here, its not the one which you have to book a year in advance, its the other one where you just walk in for a table, no reservations.  Since back last summer when this Boat Swap was suggested that was the first thing David said, Oh we can go back to The Coach at Marlow, so he has been looking forward to it a bit.

I hardly like to confess how much we ate but I can tell you that the parfait was delicious, the fish scotch egg was delicious and the pulled pork was delicious, but there was more!

Marlow tonight.

David brought milk and went back to the boat leaving Amanda and myself to go shopping.  I haven't been shopping in ages.


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    1. Thank you Marilyn, but really that photo took itself, I can't take much credit.

      Lisa x