Thursday 2 August 2018

Fillings and someone please shoot those Canadians.

I left WaL pretty early for me, wanting to pass Heathrow on the jolly old car park otherwise known as the M25 after all those poor souls had gone to work.  David had already fetched the car for me and it was in the Riverside car park at Wallingford,  I collected the laundry and my toothbrush and off I set.  I have to say I really enjoyed the journey, listening to a Radio 4 play I had downloaded.  

When I try to do this with a husband on the premises, he always speaks, husbands can be most annoying at times..... speaking.

So I arrived at home to be met by darling family of my sister, my niece and her three children who are having a beach holiday in the glorious weather, if anything a bit hot.  My mum arrived and we were all very jolly, it felt like a bit like a holiday we all had together in 1986, me with my then two daughters, my sister with her two daughters with our mother and MY grandma Eve when we all drove to Solva in Wales and stayed in a fabulous cottage almost on the beach.  No men.

Dentist followed, then later supper sat on the patio and continued to do so till almost 11pm.

Next  at 06:25 I departed with clean dry washing and arrived back at Wallingford at 08:30am.  

Engines on and away we went heading for Goring,  we really wanted to moor there as our daughter was arriving that night by train and Goring has a train station.  We slotted into a nice gap between cruisers and the lady on the boat behind told us two good pieces of information;

1.  There's now a large Tesco just down the way and over the railway bridge.
2.  There is an open air play here tonight.  


It was the Mikron Theatre Company    HERE    who are touring this summer and if you get the opportunity to go then do so.  This evenings production 'Revolting Women' is about womens fight for suffrage, particularly about the slightly less famous sister Sylvia.   HERE.

While we waited in Goring, David washed the boat off when we had a shower of rain.....Rain eh?  What's that?.

Later after if cleared off, he cycled off to retrieve the car for Wallingford, some 7 miles away.  I was set to blog when the phone rings....  
"Lisa  I've forgotten the bloody car keys, you have two choices, one get a taxi here or two cycle here, I'm not coming back for them" I didn't laugh much.

Turns out he had already cycled 23 miles before I arrived.  So I fetched my bike out and away I went forgetting my water bottle and arriving hot and dry.  He brought me a Mr Whippy ice-cream and we sat watching the boats.

Finally jobs done back at the boat and it rained again enough for us to take an umbrella and cardigans to the play.  In the interval the two visitors arrived, we took them back to WaL which was about 100 yards away and left them to DIY a supper of wild Alaskan  salmon, couscous and salad.

I've included this from our early morning flit from leaving George & Carol, I loved the reflections and the stillness of the water that we ruined.

WaL moored at Wallingford under the trees, sadly the sun came around at 3:30pm heating up the boat.  I put up my sign of "Welcomed to moor up alongside"

Wallingford at dusk showing up and down the river.

Looking back at Wallingford Bridge which is spectular, this view shows the swimming entrance on the right.

Canadian Geese, I HATE them, I think their numbers are too high and all happily shoot them, if I could shoot and had a gun that is.

The cast of the Mikron Theatre Company in their good production of Revolting Women.


  1. Lovely to read you again!
    Have been thinking about you - we are moored on the Foxton side of Bridge 43, heading for Laughton Hills and the top of the locks tomorrow. Now why does that make me think of you?
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. Yes you mean MY Laughton Hills, but today I think I would need more shade. We are a bit warm and looking forward to a drop of say, 5C?

      Glad to see you back in boating action, you should move here!!!

      See soon.......???


  2. Lisa the Cruising with the car thing has me pondering, how do you pick spots safe to leave your car? Keeps David fit cycling back for it and then forward and back from it again. Do you have a map of places or maybe made one from years of cruising.

  3. Oh I should of said cracking photos those.