Friday 24 August 2018

Noodles, cakes and a hook

Today was wet, nice for the grass and ducks but its odd that the heat and sun were too much, take them away and I miss it quickly.

So a nice loafing morning in WaL, and when the rain had cleared off George arrived to help David locate a gas leak, but relax Reader, it was in the gas locker and between them soon had it sorted.

We were invited to a delicious lunch onboard SR of homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh crusty rolls, all very lovely.  Later Sue was knocking on the window asking for Cream of Tartar..!!??  I am not sure I have ever used it and I certainly didn't have any...... Want to know what she wanted it for?  Read on.

So at 4pm, we all presented ourselves at NPXL for a tour for David and myself, but a delicious afternoon cream tea including a marbled cake for all.

NPXL is a lovely boat, so very spacious and comfortable.  Sue showed and explained that with the composting loo and the water filtration system she has they are pretty much self sufficient, that's quite a thought don't you think?  To learn more read this link   HERE
We have had such a lovely time meeting up with these two boats, can't wait to do so again sometime.

Later in the early evening NB Lady Georgina arrived looking to moor, I offered them to breast alongside us which they did.  I was trying to help with ropes etc when one of my cute little white shoes flipped off into the Thames.... I brought these little numbers in Hong Kong on the stopover back from NZ and to my mind they are the perfect boating shoes.... I was on the verge of stripping off to jump in to retrieve them when Nicky quick as a flash got my favourite shoe with her handily placed hook and it was back in my foot.  Note to self, have boat hook in a place where it can be reached.

Well after the hearty soup and the cream tea, supper was thin on the ground.


  1. George has a screwdriver missing Lisa ... please can you check your gas locker to see if he's left it there?