Monday 13 August 2018

We were a gas free boat and I hated it.

The next few days were spent pottering about mostly within range of Henley.  This was because of visitors.  Amanda came, my great buddy, a flying visit for her so we went down to Medmenham again for the afternoon, sat in the shade as the sun was so hot and all three of us swam again.  

As I was cooking tea when the gas went out, David went off and changed the bottles, but it didn't work again and we were faced with the prospect of having two empty gas bottles!  Much scratching of heads and trying to remember just when did we last change it and where ever were we.....?
The answer was Braunston back on the 2nd May....  Now I know we've been backwards and forwards a lot this summer but we have never run out of gas before.  Advice was sort and the consensus of opinion was it was the Gas Regulator that had failed.  
Supper was cold!

David Lewis refused to attend, something to do with harvest, so we resolved to mend it ourselves....
The next morning was all action.

A sight not often seen, David choosing tools from his tool box.  It lives under the bed and was dusty.

So the Gas Fitter and his mate start off...

Its most inconveniently placed but after some time gottcha.

Offending article.

We set off back towards Amanda's car and Henley, Amanda and I set off on bikes in the boiling heat for a nearby campsite where I had been told they sell them, they did but not the correct one, nor did the other boat yards in the vicinity.
She had to leave in a bit of a hurry but dropped us at our car way down in Cookham.  
We phoned George from Still Rockin'.  George is someone I am now a little bit in love with, not only did he have the EXACT gas regulator in his cupboard, but he then walked to meet us in the boiling afternoon heat into the closest village to give it to us, George is a SuperStar.

Later and feeling nervous.... I was the new Gas Fitters mate.  It's terribly hard if you are a glasses wearer to put your head upside down, in a hole, in the dark and hold things in place.  David did very well, indeed I haven't known him do something so tricky and keep his temper even if the air was a bit blue at times.

We now have hot supper again, Lamb burgers but still sticking with salads.

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